Reasons behind the popularity of the blackpink!?

Blackpink is a South Korean four-member girl group (Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé ) formed by YG Entertainment, debuted in 2016. Even though it started in 2016, by 2018, its fame had all spread in different parts of the world. 

Throughout their career, Blackpink broke records by records and rewrite history. Especially last year, with their music video “How You Like That” itself, they broke three and set two Guinness World Records.

So why did it became so popular?

Some said it was because their company was the richest and well-known entertainment company in South Korea – YG Entertainment and the exposure given by them. But if you think so, then it’s time to change your views.

There are many reasons for Blackpink to become popular. The important three are:

1. High video quality with new and unique ideas.

 One of the main reasons can be said that it is because of the high-quality videos and unique ideas brought out through it. There are many things in the videos showing the recklessness and the “so-called” impossible to do things in real life, expressing their confidence and rebellious nature through their songs; all those were quite refreshing as well as stimulating.

And mixed with the exciting and stimulating mode of shooting the videos and all those props specially prepared by the crew, it will be a wonder if it doesn’t do the magic.

Even today, the netizen are discussing the quality and uniqueness of the video throughout the internet.

We are the love sick girls blackpink latest song

2. Hard work which is done by both the members and the crew

The members all worked very hard, sometimes even working for 20 hours or so a day so that they can complete and perfect their practice and not to mention the pressure they received from both company and haters in the beginning.

Some of the credits also go to the Director Seo Hyun Seung and the crew that prepared those props in a considerate and intricate way. We can say that their hard work really paid off and that they truly deserved what they achieved today.

3. Last and most important one- of course, it is the fans.

Fans have done their own way to support, promote, and protect the members of Blackpink from the haters. Whenever members are troubled or bullied by the haters and others, blinks – their fan club always comes forward to show their support. They are one of the most important reasons for the popularity and achievements that Blackpink has today.

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