New kpop group aespa new single "Next Level" comeback - group picaespa (에스파) comes back with their single “Next Level”!

The winner of the award “Rookie of the Year” of digital category at the 10th Gaon Chart Music Awards; aespa made their first official comeback today (17th May 2020) with the single “Next Level.”

aespa’s (에스파) new single “Next Level” M/V on YouTube

aespa’s new single (에스파) “Next Level” Lyrics!

You can check out the lyrics for aespa’s (에스파) new single “Next Level” here:

aespa Next Level Lyrics [Romanized] | 에스파 SM Town

New kpop group aespa new single "Next Level" comeback group pic


KPOP girl group aespa under SM Entertainment group picture

About aespa

Aespa is a four member KPOP group under SM Entertainment. These SM Town girls made their debut with their single BLACK MAMBA on November 17th 2020. SM Town put forward the concept of virtual KPOP idols by releasing aespa. Each aespa members have their own virtual charecter they call it “Æ Avatar.”


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