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aespa Giselle

Photo of aespa member Giselle

aespa is the new South Korean girl group consists of 4 members under SM Entertainment. They debuted on 17th November 2020 with their single “Black Mamba.” The group name “æspa” comes from combining “æ.” This is formed by combining the “Avatar X Experience” and “aspect.” Aeri Uchinaga is one of the members of the group with the stage name Giselle. Kon’nichiwa readers, yes, Giselle is Japanese. She was last to be introduced as a member of aespa, on November 29th, 2020. She is the Main Rapper and the Vocalist of the group.

Giselle Aespa SM Town Profile and facts!


Stage name: Giselle

Real name: Aeri Uchinaga

Birthday: October 30th, 2000

Birthplace: Japan

Reveal date: October 29th, 2020

Nationality: Japanese

Positions: Lead vocalist, Lead Dancer and visual

Avatar: æ-GISELLE

(aespa Giselle and Ningning were revealed soo close to their Birthdays! What a BDay present!)

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Giselle childhood facts!

  • Giselle was born in Japan and studied in Tokyo International School and Sacred Heart School, Japan.

  • She is half Korean and half Japanese as her mother is Korean and her father is Japanese.

  • She didn’t neglected her Korean, though she grew up in Japan.

  • She was as an Alto (Person who sings the base notes) in her school choir group for 4 years.

  • Her closest people like to call her is Riri or Eri.

  • She came to Korea after her studies to fulfil her dreams of becoming a KPOP idol.

Giselle Aespa SM Town Profile and facts!

Giselle trainee day facts!

– Giselle is the fourth to be introduced to the public as a member of aespa. (On October 29th, 2020. A day before her BDay!)

– She is the only aespa member to enter SM Entertainment though an open audition as others were casted by talent managers.

– Her period as a trainee was less than a year and she is the person with the shortest training period among aespa members.

– When she was a trainee she wore headbands often and her trainer thought that she looked a little like British, hence she came up with an elegant name ‘Giselle’ as her stage name.

– She can play the guitar.

– She is good at both Vocals and Rapping.

– She is fluent in English as well as Korean and Japanese.

– Fans think she resembles Krystal from KPOP girl group “f(x)” and some say she looks like “Girl’s Generation” member “Yuri,” after her introduction.

Giselle with her aespa Avatar!

aespa Giselle with her virtual avatar

Favorites, likes and her personal life Facts!

Favorite color – Black

Favorite season – Autumn and she also likes when it is cloudy but not raining.

Favorite Drink – Caramel latte

Favorite Food – Seaweed soup (specially cooked by her mother), pineapple pizza, mint choco, and other sweet and salty food.

Favorite Movies – Deadpool

Favorite Idol Group  BLACKPINK GOT7

Favorite animals – Dog

Her Other Favorites – Musical theatre, imitating others (actually quite good at it!), taking photographs of others, etc.

Her Favorite Hobbies and Likes – Imitating others, looking pretty everyday, whining all time, eating sweet or go for shopping relieve stress and most importantly, lying down in a cool room after shower with her whole body covered up (she says it makes her happy).

Aespa Group pic, Winter, karina, Giselle, and Ningning Profiles

Other aespa members first impression about Giselle!!?

Karina : We both were very shy and greeted each other.

Winter : Her arms and legs are long!

Ningning :She has long legs!

aespa Debut Single – BLACKMAMBA M/V

Here are some Giselle Pictures Found by aespa stans on Twitter!

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