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Winter æspa

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æspa is a new South Korean girl group consists of 4 members under SM Entertainment. They debuted in 17th November this year with their single album “Black Mamba“. The group name “æspa” comes from combining “æ.” This is formed by combining the “Avatar X Experience” and “aspect.” Kim Min Jeong is one of the members of the group with the stage name Winter. She was the first to be introduced as a member of æspa, on October 26th, 2020, and she is the lead vocalist and lead dancer.

Winter Aespa SM Town Profile and facts!


Stage name: Winter

Real name: Kim Min Jeong

Birthday: January 1st, 2001

Birthplace: South Korea

Reveal date: October 26th

Nationality: Korean

Positions: Lead vocalist, Lead Dancer and visual

Avatar: æ-WINTER

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Winter childhood facts!

– Winter was born in Yangsan (Gyeongsangnam-do) and studied in Yangsan Samsung School for both elementary and middle schools.

– As a sibling, she has a elder brother.

– Her nicknames are baby rabbit, mindungie, gyeoulie (meaning winter in korean).

– Her childhood life and experiences were mostly intertwined with her school.

– She was quite good at studies, especially math.

– She was so good at studies that she even got promoted to advanced classes!

– She also once became the vice president of the school.

– At that time, she rarely took selfies as she felt that she is bad at them.

– Her dream during those day was to be a singer or to be someone in the military since most of her family members served in the military.

Winter Aespa SM Town Member Profile and facts!

Winter trainee day Facts! 

– She is the first member to be introduced to the public as a member of aespa. (On October 26th, 2020)

– Her period as a trainee ranges from 4 to 5 Years.

– It was said that at first, she thought of becoming an actress but later she found that she preferred singing and dancing (as she like it the most), so she decided to be an idol.

– She is very talented in singing and dancing.

– After her introduction to the public, most fans thought that she resembles KPOP girl group Girl’s Generation member Taeyeon. 

– She created a mysterious atmosphere around herself, which made her very dazzling, and attractive. She also has a dimple on her left cheek.

– She is very close to teammate Karina.

Winter with her aespa Avatar!

aespa KPOP group member Winter with her Avatar

Winter favorites, likes and her personal life Facts!

Favorite color – Ivory

Favorite season – Autumn

Favorite Drink – Milk (She likes to drink milk a lot)

Favorite Food LA galbi [a style of galbi (galbi means ribs) – barbecued beef short ribs], Kong guksu (cold soybean soup or soybean noodles), bean noodle, lasagna, cake, bread and cookies, chocolates, sweets, snacks, jelly, taro smoothie. (She is basically a foodie!)

Favorite Movie Genre – Action and war related ones, especially those which people find it hard to understand!

Favorite Movies – “Tenet” and “American Sniper

Favorite Idol Group  BLACKPINK 

Favorite singer/actress IU

Favorite animals – Polar and desert foxes, huskies, dogs and cats.

Her favorite ride is roller coaster at amusement park and she would like to bring Ningning to be her partner.

She likes tongue-twisters, which is also one of her specialties.

Her other hobbies include eating food even before becoming fully awake, eating, eating, eating, and watching movies.

She is really good at cooking.

She believes in extraterrestrial life – Aliens.

Aespa Group pic, Winter, karina, Giselle, and Ningning ProfilesOther aespa members first impression about Winter!!?

Karina : Woah! she’s very small~

Ningning : She looks like a small hamster!

Giselle : I first thought she was quiet and calm…turns out she isn’t.

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