PocketDol Studio’s KPOP boy group BAE173 made their debut!

Today (19 November 2020), the new Kpop group BAE173 made their debut with their first mini-album – “INTERSECTION: SPARK.” The group debuted under PocketDol Studio – a subsidiary label of MBK Entertainment and Interpark founded in 2017. Even though the group just debuted, they already have over 138.8k followers on Twitter’s official account!

New KPOP boy group BAE173 under PocketDol debutStudio


BAE173 released their single first mini-album “INTERSECTION: SPARK” with “Crush On You” as its title track on 19 November 2020. Check it out!

About BAE173

New Kpop group BAE173 group pic

BAE173 is a new Kpop group under PocketDol Studio. They just made their debut (19 Nov 2020) and have 9 members. The members of the group are BitDohaDohyon, HangyulJ-MinJunseoMuzinYoojun, and Youngseo with Junseo as the leader.

Why this group name!?

It’s an acronym.

BAE Before Anyone Else.”

Number – 1 – Perfection.

Number – 73 – Their lucky number.

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