These are our top picks of pictures that reveal how close are Thai GOT7 and BLACKPINK members Bambam and Lisa really are. You may have seen a lot of childhood and recent pics of GOT7 Bambam and Lisa of BLACKPINK, also their on-stage chemistry. Let it be the AIS sim card advertisement or the viral video of their interactions on stage…Which may have made you wonder, “how they met?” or “How Lisa and Bambam know each other?”

Lisa and Bambam AIS Sim Thailand Collab


For how long Lisa and Bambam know each other?

Their friendship is older than 12 years now! Lisa and Bambam know each other from their childhood. You can see their childhood pictures together in which they both look adorable!



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Where Bambam and Lisa met each other for the first time?

They know each other from childhood, in truth, Bambam and Lisa’s families know each other long before their debut in KPOP companies. They where also part of a Bangkok based dance group called “We Zaa Cool.” Yes, There was a group in which both Bambam and Lisa were in together!!! But it was very long ago.

Lisa and Bambam Family and friends together,  We zaa cool Reunion, Thailand, Blackpink, GOT7
Picture of Lisa’s and Bambam’s families and “We Zaa Cool” Members, celebrating Lisa’s Homecoming after her Success. It was also a Re-Union of “We Zaa Cool.”

When was their debut?

Bambam debut was on January 16th of 2014 as a member of the KPOP group GOT7 under JYP Entertainment. This is the first-ever GOT7 music video.

Whereas Lisa’s debut was in 2016 as a member BLACKPINK under YG Entertainment. They released 2 bangers on that day. Boombayah & Whistle This is the link to the first-ever BLACKPINK music video.

FUN FACT: Bambam considered Lisa as his older sister because her hight was more than that of Bambam and later when they grew up Bambam gained height.

Are they still friends now?

Yes! they are. You can come across a lot of YouTube videos in which you can see how they interact with each other in public both on and off stage.Bambam and Lisa hugging on stage AIS Thailand

Are they dating?

In public both on-stage and off-stage they act like besties. But who knows exactly about their private lives. They have been spotted hanging out together. But i personally think they are just Best Friends. Nothing more than that.

Bambam defending Lisa…

When BLACKPINK Lisa faced a lot of racist comments on her Instagram (@lalalalisa_m), Bambam replied to the press supporting Lisa as a loyal friend may do. This issue was so escalated that Twitter hashtag #RespectLisa was trending. This shows how deep their friendship is and they will help each other out during dark times.

Collab of Bambam and Lisa for AIS in Thailand

They recently did an ad together for Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator with over 40million customers AIS Ltd. (Advanced Info Service). This makes Lisa and Bambam not only friends but also business partners. They will be proud of themselves to get featured on one of the biggest tech giants of their home country Thailand that too together. Here is the ad…

I wish both Bambam & Lisa more success in their career and friendship.

Lisa’s Profile and Facts!!!

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