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Kwon Ji-Yong, the “KING OF KPOP” better known by his stage name G-Dragon is a leader and the face of the KPOP sensation boy group BIGBANGone of the best-selling and most popular KPOP boy groups of all time, under YG Entertainment. He is the main rapper and the vocalist of the group and is known for his crazy rapping skills, that GD iconic sharp sound, his styles, and hyper-energetic vibes around him. VIP loves to see him.

KPOP boy band BIGBANG Group Picture

BIGBANG is a four-member group (After Seungri announced his retirement from KPOP). As of now, BIGBANG consist of 4 members – G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.Pand Daesung.


Stage Name: G-Dragon 

Birth Name: Kwon Ji Yong 

Birthday: August 18th, 1988

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist, Leader

Instagram: @xxxibgdrgn

Twitter: @ibgdrgn

BIGBANG G-Dragon Facts!

G-Dragon Family & Childhood Facts!

– He was born in Seoul. – He has a sister, and her name is Kwon Dami.T.O.P [Choi Seung-hyun] Was his childhood neighbor.  – He was the one who introduced T.O.P [Choi Seung-hyun] to YG Entertainment. – He was a trainee at SM Entertainment at the age of 8 years. – He became a trainee under YG Entertainment when he was 12 years old.Taeyang and GD were friends from the age of 12, as they were together as a YG Entertainment trainee. – G-Dragon and Taeyang were supposed to debut as a duo called GDYB. (Later on, other BIGBANG members were added to the group)

Pet lover GD! (He doesn’t have a dragon as his pet though. Daddy Jokes!)

G-Dragon owns two pet dogs. Both the dogs are of the same breed, which is “Shar-Pei.” The names of his dogs are Gaho and Jolie. Gaho is his first dog, which he bought in the year 2009. Three years later, he adopted Jolie (in 2012) because he thought Gaho needs a partner.  And here is a picture of G-Dragon with his doggie. KPOP group BIGBANG member G-Dragon with his pet dog

GD’s favorite Food Facts!

– His favorite dish is Crab preserved in soy sauce called Ganjang Gaejang. – He wants his girlfriend to be a skilled cook, who can cook tasty and variety of dishes.  – He tries different kinds of food and likes the most which have meat in it.

G-Dragon’s Military Service!

BIGBANG member G-Dragon in South Korean Military Uniform

As we all know, all the fit Korean citizens have to perform mandatory military service for 2 years. KPOP idols are no exemption. Even the king of KPOP G-Dragon himself had to go to perform military service. His military service started on February 27th, 2018. On October 26th, 2019, he was officially discharged from the military. He served as an active-duty soldier in the Gangwon Province of South Korea. BIGBANG member G-Dragon in South Korean Military Uniform Though there were some rumors about G-Dragon getting some special start treatment in the military. But later, the military officials themselves disclosed all those gossips weren’t true at all. 
BIGBANG G-Dragon 2020 Comeback (Confirmed!)

More G-Dragon Facts!

– His favorite colors – Red & Black. – His favorite number – 8. – GD has a lot of Tattoos. – He is a very shy guy IRL. – He is called “Iguana” Cause he changes his hair color many times. – Some of his favorite western musicians are Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Beyonce. – He was a trainee in his childhood under both SM and YG Entertainment. – BIGBANG T.O.P, Taeyang, and Super Junior members are his childhood friends. – He is the brand Ambassador of famous Luxury Brand CHANEL’s  Korean wing. (BTW BLACKPINK Jennie is also a  CHANEL ambassador too!)

G-Dragon Started the KPOP Lightstick Culture! [VIP Crownstick!]

G-Dragon was the one who designed the first-ever official KPOP lightstick. He sketched it for the BIGBANG fandom V.I.P. The name of this first-ever KPOP lightstick ever was Crownstick! Which was also named by him. Later the name was changed to BANG-Bong after the release of newer versions. This lead to the formation of some of the most beautiful yellow V.I.P Crown-stick oceans! This shows why G-Dragon has the “King of the KPOP” title. Here is a look of BIGBANG Lightstick – Crown-Stick Ocean!

Check out our blog on “Who Started the Lightstick Culture.” To know more about the KPOP lightstick evolution.

Who started the KPOP Lightstick Culture BangBong

G-Dragon’s Achievements!

He has won several Korean, Japanese, and Global Music awards in all solo, duo, and group categories. These are the list of Music Awards won by the Bigbang member G-dragon. – Gaon Music Awards. – Golden Disk Awards. – MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) – Korean Music Awards. – Seoul Music Awards. – Melon Music Awards. – MTV Japan Music Awards. – World Music Awards. He has also won several other popular Awards for his fashion and influence. These are some of the non-Music awards won by BIGBANG G-Dragon.
  • Forbes Asia Awards – Most influential Person under 30.
  • Style Icon Awards – Style icon of the year.
  • GQ Korea Awards.
  • Singapore Entertainment Awards.
This is not all of his awards. He has a poop ton of more awards.  (GD be like – “Another Trophy, I can’t carry em”)

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