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Evidence found!

Recently rumor has been spread all over the internet about ‘King of KPOP’ Bigbang G-Dragon and Blackpink Jennie dating, but nothing was confirmed. Now pieces of evidence have been found and released by Dispatch, proving their relationship.

It is said that they were dating for nearly a year, which is an open secret in YG. They were mostly found dating at home especially at GD’s Hannam-dong – a luxury villa. Jennie dating Gdragon proof

There are a lot of pictures of Jennie entering and leaving GD’s penthouse as well as his car in the pictures released by Dispatch. Though the idols never responded to these rumors, their relationship is obvious through these pictures.

Jennie dating Gdragon proofs

It was said that Jennie was at GD’s place before her solo live show and left back to his place after the program which was found by the journalist. She used to use the private lift in the independent parking system – which has two-step verification, which provided less exposure and privacy. 

Many of the times, it was Jennie’s manager who dropped her at GD’s while later it was GD’s manager who dropped her back. And it is said that many of their close friends and even Jennie’s mother knew about their dating. But they all have positive views about it.

Jennie’s and GD’s first meeting is speculated to be in 2012. She appeared in GD’s solo album song “That XX.” Later Jennie was in GD’s Black – the title track of his second album.

You can also watch the video to know more about Bigbang G-Dragon and Blackpink Jennie relationship:

Check out Jennie’s and G-Dragon’s profile here:

Jennie BLACKPINK Profile

G-Dragon BIGBANG Profile

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