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Jennie is member of KPOP girl group BLACKPINK under the music label YG EntertainmentShe has a huge fan following of over 34 million on her InstagramShe is the rapper/singer and dancer of BLACKPINK. We Blink realized how talented she is when BLACKPINK released her solo MV called “SOLO,” in which we can see her rapping and singing talent altogether. So here are few facts about Jennie i bet you BLINKS didn’t knew…

BLACKPINK Jennie in new song Lovesick girls


Stage name: Jennie

Real name: Jennie Kim

Birthday: 16th January 1996

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Reveal date: October 26th

Nationality: Korean

Positions: Rapper, vocalist, Dancer

Instagram: @jennierubyjane

BLACKPINK Jennie Profile in 60 Seconds!


Favorite food and Drinks!

– She likes all Korean food.

– She likes Japanese milk ice cream.

– She doesn’t like pizza that much.

– She loves healthy drinks like juice and smoothies.

– She like Mexican cuisines like tacos and burritos.

Jennie’s hobbies and habits!!!

– She becomes frustrated when things don’t go as she expected.

– She feels happy when she is around her friends.

– She likes photography.

– She plays with her dogs in her free time.

– She enjoys touching and playing with slime.

– She likes building lego sets.

– She knows how to ride a horse.

Kai and Kuma’s mom – Jennie

As you know, all BLACKPINK members love pets. Especially Lisa, with four pet cats!!! And Jennie is the First Runner-up for owning most pets, as she is the owner of 2 doggies, and Jisoo is the 2nd runner up. Rosie had a pet fish. Here are the profiles and some facts about her pet Kal and Kuma.

Doggy no.1 – Kai

Name: Kai

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Color: White

Age: 5 Years Old

Doggy no.2 – Kuma

Name: Kuma

Breed: Pomeranian

Color: Brown

Birthday: 24th March 2018

Jennie’s favorite movies and shows

– She is a hardcore Netflix addict.

– She has watched the Netflix originals Stanger Things for more than two times.

– She is a huge Stanger Things fangirl that, Stanger Things team gifted her a Christmas present.

– There is BLACKPINK live, in which she only talks about Netflix and Netflix, and yes, you guessed it, Netflix.

– Jennie’s favorite Disney princess is  Pocahontas.

Blackpink Jennie and EXO’s Kai’s affair!!!

As we KPOP fans, let it be BLINK, ONCE, ARMY, EXO-L, or MITZY; We love to ship idols from different groups together. There are a lot of youtube videos and rumors circling about the KPOP idols dating and relationship and some fans trying to ship these celebrities together. Especially with ARMY’s crush Kookie (Jungkook) lol. But it was not the case with BLACKPINK Jennie.BLACKPINK’s music label YG Entertainment and EXO’s music label SM Town both confirmed the dating rumors of Jennie and Kai. They had to reply to this because there were a lot of stories and proof of Jennie and Kai’s relationship.

These were the pictures of Jennie and Kai hanging out in a park and spotted in the same car, tweeted by Koreaboo. 

Later they both announced their break up with each other. To this day, we all don’t know the exact reason behind it. But these were a few speculations made by EXO and BLACKPINK fans about their breakup…

  • YG and SM Town staged their relationship!!!

There were a lot of hate comments and accusations made against their music labels, YG Entertainment and SM Town, saying that all of this was a marketing tactic, they staged their relationship, and all of this was fake. But the reality is both of them are one of the most well known and familiar faces of not only the KPOP music industry but also the other genre like fashion (Both are brand ambassadors of huge luxury clothing brands). 

They don’t need no such lame-ass marketing tactics. Duh.

  • Because of hate from fans!!!

Few BLINKS and EXO-L says they broke up because they had to face a lot of hate from their fans. But I don’t think it’s true because this relation was one of the most supported relationships between the KPOP idols by their fans.

  • The music label forced their breakup!!!

Ha, this can be a valid reason because most of the music label doesn’t like their idols falling into dating scandals. And we all know about the ban imposed by YG on dating and relationship with their members. They also didn’t answer to the rumors regarding the dating of Jennie and Kai until the SM Town confirmed them.

We don’t know the reason, and we shouldn’t also interfere in someone else’s personal matter, let it be your ultimate bias, or it is the music label itself.

Comment below: Are the rules and regulations imposed by the label on the idols is even humane?

Jennie random FACTS!

– Her favorite colors are Black and pink. (Blackpink in your area!)

– She lived in New Zealand for more than 5-years.

– She completed her school in Aukland.

– She doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.

– She is from a wealthy family background.

– She was the first BLACKPINK member to be revealed publicly.

– She is the brand ambassador of luxury brand CHANEL.

– She has been gifted a present by the Stranger Things team at Christmas.

– She has four piercings on her right ear and five on her left. That is a total of 9 piercing. (Painful) 

– Her name is saved as “J” on YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk‘s mobile phone. (Probably Samsung. LOL)

– She’s called HUMAN GUCCI because she loves the luxury clothing brand Gucci. (Btw EXO’s Kai is a Gucci brand Ambassador. Ahh hum)

– BIG BANG, another huge KPOP sensation under YG, its member Seungri once said that she is the “Secret weapon” of YG.

– Jennie is brand Ambassador of CHANEL! Checkout the article below for more deatils on that!!

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