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Jisoo is a singer/dancer and the unnie of the YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK. Everyone admires her for her flawless beauty and astonishing singing talent. But we Blink like her for her silly way of acting during serious times (like balancing something on the head lol). Though she is the oldest member Chichoo has the heart of a child and we love her.

So here are some facts about our Chichoo I bet you BLINK didn’t knew…<3

Jisoo Blackpink profile KPOP4real


Stage name: Jisoo

Real name: Kim Ji-Soo

Birthday: January 1st, 2001

Birthplace: Gunpo-si, South Korea

Nationality: Korean

Positions: Lead vocalist and visuals

Instagram: @sooyaaa__

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Jisoo’s favorite food!

– She loves Rice. Because it goes well will most of the food.

– She eats everything! Jisoo once said. But she said “No” when a guy asked her if she eats duck head lol.

– She loves fried chicken. Who doesn’t!?

– She loves all the food which has meat in it.

Chocolate is her favorite.

Her hobbies

– Reading. Mainly detective books like Sherlock Holmes.

– She plays the piano.

– She is a white belt in Taekwondo (BTW white belt is the lowest rank in Taekwondo. LOL)

– She likes to draw too.

– She is fluent in Korean and Japanese. She understands when someone speaks in English to her, but she is lowkey slow in English, as we all blink know.

DALGOM Loves Chichoo

All BLACKPINK members have pets. Rosé of BLACKPINK has a pet fish. Lisa is a mom of four cats, but Jennie and Jisoo are dog lovers. Jisoo has only one dog named DALGOMand she loves him more than her life.

Jisoo blackpink pet dalgome by kpop4real

Jisoo’s dog (Dalgom) Profile

Name: Dalgom

Gender: Male

Breed: Maltese

Color: White

Birthday: 15th May 2015

Jisoo of blackpink and her pet dog dalgome by kpop4real
Jisoo and Dalgome dog hugging, BLACKPINK Jisoo and her pet Dalgome

Her favorite movies and TV shows

– She’s not afraid of horror movies.

– She loves Pokemon & is obsessed over Pikachu.

Jisoo BLACKPINK Pikachu, Pika Pika Chichoo, Chichoo with Pikachu

– She’s huge! Fan-girl of Harry Potter movies.

– She likes manga (Japanese comic) and a big collection of manga with her.

– She is a fan of Detective type movies too.

– Her favorite Disney princess is Jasmine from the movie Aladdin.

Jichoo random facts!

– She’s scared of heights.

Blackpink Jisoo scared of hight, Chichoo scared of hight

– She loves Rabbits.

– Her favorite color is purple.

– She is a PC Gamer. She plays a game called overwatch with Jennie.

– She just loves irritating her friends with dad jokes.

– She has this weird habit of giving people nicknames.

– She has a brother and a sister. Both are older than her.

Blackpink Jisoos Brother and sister together, Kim Jisoos siblings together.

– She is friends with Seulgi (RED VELVET) & Nayeon (TWICE).

– She just hates shopping.

Jisoo was very popular in her school!

Many of Jisoo’s old classmates have come forward explaining her character during her school days. They said that Jisoo was famous in her school for her beauty and friendly behavior.

Read this Koreaboo blog for more info about it!!!

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s True Personality Exposed By Her Old Schoolmates


– She was the mood maker among her friends from her trainee days itself!

– She had a different autograph than what it is now during her trainee days. She said that during an interview.

– She has been introduced to an offer by SM Entertainment after she signed for YG. She refused the offer or she may have been a member of Red Velvet. Just imagine it!!

– Her period in YG Entertainment as a trainee last for up to 5years until BLACKPINK debut in 2016.


She is the oldest member of the YG KPOP girl group BLACKPINK. She was born on January 3ed, 1995. Which makes her 25 years old as of now. Maknae of BLACKPINK is Lisa. Lisa is 23 years old. But by heart Jisoo is the youngest member of BLACKPINK, because of her silly acts like balancing a bottle on the head and other silly things like that. We Blink love our Chichoo for the heart of a child. <3

Jisoo Beautiful photoshoot

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