BLACKPINK New Pet Member – Hank

Blackpink has always been a pet lover. Each member had at least one pet, and they took care of them as treasures. Most of their pets were like a celebrity of their own. They were quite famous among BLINKS. Recently, Rosé adopted a new dog to their Blackpink pet family, which she called Hank.

Rosé made an Instagam page too for her new pet Hank. He has now already become an Instagram star. In just 6 days of Instagram account creation, he already has over 625k followers on his Instagram!

Rosé new pet Hank!

Rosé new pet Hank was adopted on 2nd December and his breed was labeled as “special breed” by Rosé which garnered a lot of attention of attention from netizens. All were praising Rosé for her thoughtfulness.

BLACKPINK Rose new pet dog named Hank

BLACKPINK Rose new pet dog called Hank

Rosé new pet Hank was originally from the Gangneung Shelter and has been there for two months until he was adopted by Rosé. Rosé did a good job in this as she adopted the dog – and NOT buying; as well as giving the dog a unique identity as a ‘special breed’ Hank. She is now the temporary guardian of Hank. All are praising Rosé for her considerate action adding “special breed” part in Insta’s profile. And from the photos, its clear that Hank is having a good time with his new life style.

Here is a video of Rosé walking her new pet Hank!

To get updates on Rosé new pet and our “world’s cutest” Hank, follow @hank_says_hank on Instagram.

Other members of Blackpink Rosé pet family!

Hank is not the only member of the Blackpink Rosé pet family. She has two more dogs named Max and Tobi as well as two fishes – Eunbyul and Orange. She used to one more fish – Eunhee, but sadly it kicked the bucket.

Other Blackpink members are also great pet lovers. They never get enough of their little members of their Blackpink pets family, as they kept expanding with new additions, with latest being Rosé new pet Hank.

Blackpink Lisa Pet!

BLACKPINK Lisa pet cat Lio Louis Luca

Blackpink Lisa pet family contains a total of 4 cats, which she named “Leo,” “Lily,” “Louis,” and “Luca.” Luca and Lily are siblings and of Ragdoll breed male and female (respectively). Leo is a Scottish Fold, and Louis is British Shorthair. Thus the four cat members of Blackpink pets family comes from Blackpink Lisa pet family.

Blackpink Jisoo Pet!

Jisoo and Dalgome dog hugging, BLACKPINK Jisoo and her pet Dalgome

Blackpink Jisoo pet family only has one dog – Dalgom or Dalgomie. He is a white Maltese and is very shy and adorable. He is very close with Kuma Blackpink Jennie pet dog but has a habit of keep barking at Lisa whenever he saw her. (Is it because Blackpink Lisa pet family contains only cats and not dogs!?)

Thus from Blackpink Jisoo pet family, there is only one pet dog – Dalgomie as the member of Blackpink pets family.

Blackpink Jennie Pet!

Blackpink Jennie pet family contains two dogs, which she named Kai and Kuma. Kai is the eldest and is a cocker spaniel with snow-white fur and soulful eyes; while, Kuma is a sweet brown Pomeranian. Kuma, though not the eldest among BLACKPINK pets family, he can be considered the boss. He is very close with Dalgomie who is from Blackpink Jisoo pet family.

Thus from Blackpink Jennie pet family, there are a pair of dogs – Kai and Kuma as the member of Blackpink pets family.

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