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Rosé is a member of the KPOP sensation girl group BLACKPINK under the music label YG Entertainment. This Kiwi girl is the main vocalist of her BLACKPINK. She has a really sharp and audibly soothing voice and astonishing singing talent. Everyone admires her for her hot look, especially for her waist small size and her glowing skin. She had a tough childhood because she stayed away from her parents, who were back in Australia. We can find a lot of videos of Rosé crying because she misses her parents. These videos make us Blink sad too. Here are the top facts about her, which will bring you closer to her

BLACKPINK Rosé in new song Lovesick girls


Stage name: Rosé 

Real name: Roseanne Park

Birthday: 11th February 1997

Birthplace: New Zealand

Nationality: Australian/Korean

Role: Lead Vocals

Instagram:  @roses_are_rosie

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Rosé Random facts!

Favorite color- Purple (Was Blue)

Favorite number- 5.

– She cries a lot and gets emotional very easily.

– She prefers people to call her by her Korean name (Chae-young)

– She was born in Auckland in New Zealand, not in Melbourne, Australia. 

– She was brought up in Melbourne, Australia.

– Pasta is one of her nicknames. 

– Her sister’s name is Alice. Alice is older than Rosé.

– She is lowkey awkward around male KPOP idols.

– She was a cheerleader during her high school days.

– She is a hardcore Christian. (Goes to church frequently.)

– She is a global brand ambassador for Saint Laurent, a high-end luxury clothing brand.

– She is friends with Twice‘s Chaeyoung and Red Velvet’s Joy.

Rosé’s favorite food!

– She likes a special Korean soup made of kimchi.

– She loves to eat mangos. (BTW Jennie hates Mangos)

– She doesn’t like avocado cause “it’s kind of mushy,” she says.

– She likes to drink tea.

– Her favorite pizza is Hawaiian pizza with pineapple topping.

– Cheetos is her favorite snack.

– Her favorite cuisine is Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean. She is not much into Japanese cuisine now, because she thinks she ate it too much. (UPDATED: IG Live September 2020)

– She only drinks healthy drinks like juice. (You Blink may have noticed during BLACKPINK 24\365 videos)

Her SIZE ZERO waist!!!

Her stylist once said her waist size is 24, which is like the dream of most girls, especially KPOP girl idols. There have been some rumors flying around that she has a 19-inch waist. This can’t be true, cause no human being can have that much thin waist size. But her looks are like straight from heaven.

Rosé Hobbies and skills 

– She is awesome singer! (obviously…)

– She knows how to play the guitar.

– She knows how to play the Piano.

– Drawing is one of her hobbies. 

– She loves to ride a bicycle. 

– She is left-handed.

– She is very fluent in English compared to other BLACKPINK members (with an Aussie accent), Korean and also know a little Japanese and basic Chinese.

Rosé‘s pet fishy and Lisa’s Leo

All BLACKPINK members have pets. Lisa has 4 cats, Jennie has 2 dogs, and Jisoo has only one dog. She has a pair of fish as her pet, and she has named it too… The name of her pet fishes is Eunbyul and Joo Hwang (meaning the color Orange). She says whenever she comes near the fish tank, the fish knows and recognizes her! She also spends a lot of time with the cats and dogs of the other BLACKPINK members. 

BLACKPINK Rose new pet dog Hank picture

Rosé just recently adopted a new dog named Hank. To know more about it checkout this article:

BLACKPINK Pets Details [Rosé new Pet HANK!]

FUN FACT: BLACKPINK Lisa’s cat Leo was first bought by Rosé. So she is the one to saw Leo first, even before Lisa.

Rosé 2021 Solo debut with “Gone” & “On The Ground”

After Jennie, Rosé is the second member in BLACKPINK who made her solo debut. She debuted with her solo called “Gone” in 2021 BLAKPINK live concert on Youtube. Later she released her another solo track called “On The Ground,” gaining millions of views in 24 hours, And making tit one of the most successful solo debuts ever.

Here is Rosé’s solo song called “On The Ground” [ROSÉ – ‘On The Ground’ M/V]

Her favorite movies and shows!

– She loves to watch Netflix. She has seen most of the shows on Netflix.

– She loves Disney movies too.

– Her favorite Disney princess is Ariel.

– KPOP idol/actor IU is one of her Role models.

– She also listens to western pop music.

– Dua Lipa, Halsey, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello are her most favorite western pop singers.

Her TRAINEE days facts!!!

– She has been a trainee since May 2012.

– She was featured on BIGBANG‘s most popular member G-Dragon‘s music video “without you.”

– She was placed 1st in YG Entertainment auditions in Australia.

– She cried a lot when her parents said-they’re going back home after leaving her as a trainee in Seoul. (She also cried saying this experience in one of the 24/365 videos) 

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