Is Blackpink going to take over the world!? Blog by Kpop4realWhat in the end is going on with “BLACKPINK – AROUND THE WORLD” Project!?

BLINK’s have been very exited lately after the release of BLACKPINK’s new video with the title “BLACKPINK – Around The World.” On top of that, BLACKPINK’s Music label YG Entertainment also announced several Partnerships with many Multi Billion Dollar Companies whole around the world. This made sense to all the fans because of the showcase of many cities worldwide and their new collabs and partnerships with many companies all around the word.

So here you go BLINK, The list and details of some of the YG Entertainment Collabs and Partnerships. 

BLACKPINK – Group Of The Year

Blackpink - around the world

As we know, Blackpink is now the most-followed girl group on Spotify. The position of the most-subscribed music group, female act, and Asian act on YouTube also goes to the BlackpinkLast week, on November 20th, “Variety” announced that the group – Blackpink will be awarded “Group Of The Year” in Variety’s Hitmakers Program which will be held in December first week.


And now, after the release of the teaser – BLACKPINK – AROUND THE WORLD, not just the blinks, even netizens started to discuss this new large scale project out of curiosity. 

You can check the teaser here:

Companies YG collaborating with:

Soon after the release of this mystirious video. YG Entertainment announced their collab with many Multi-Billion Dollar Companies. The YG company is expanding its market in the US, Asia and Europe. 

  • Seven Digital (USA),
  • Facebook
  • TikTok 
  • JioSaavn (India),
  • Kobuds (France)
  • Tencent Music (China)

You can checkout more details about Blackpink and JioSaavn collaboration by clicking on:

Blackpink coming to India!? – Partnership deal with Jio Savan!!

BLACKPINK coming to india and BLACKPINK's partnership with Indian company Jio Savan

BLACKPINK’s Partnership with Tencent!blackpink and pubg

In September this year, BLACKPINK announced its partnership with Tencent Music in China, and at that time. BLACKPINK members were also featured in the game PUBG, which is a South Korean Company, managed by the Chinese giants TENCENT. PUBG Mobile brought a new song for the Tent Area – “Playing With Fire” which was one of the popular songs among the PUBG players. BLACKPINK members Lisa, Jennie, Rosie and Jisoo also had their own private account, where lucky PUBG Players got to play with them in a battle royale.

Exited BLINK!

This combination of events raised the hope and confidence of the BLINK whole over the world. With the happening od series of collaborations and partnership announcements between YG Entertainment BLACKPINK and other Multi Billion Dollar companies and the drop of their new video is making all of us BLINK all over the world very exited!


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