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About compulsory military service-South Korea

All South Korean male citizens are required to do compulsory military service once in their life. Whereas women can join the military, but they don’t need to participate in mandatory military service. It is according to the constitution of South Korea that- “All the citizens of South Korea have the duty of National Defence.”

All men between the age of 18-28 should start their military service. According to the South Korean constitution, when a male citizen turns 18, he is now eligible and liable to perform military service and serve the nation. Only if his physical health is good and he is fit. Before or on his 28th age, he must start the service. The service period ranges from 18 to 21 months.

Should BTS have to perform this military service?

Yes, they have to. All the members are physically fit, neither BTS members have any disabilities, nor they are female. (Lucy female girls).

Which BTS member has to perform this first?

Clearly, the Unnie of the BTS, Seok-Jin have to perform this first. Or they all can start the service together cause all of the BTS members are over 18 years old. That makes all of them eligible to serve the military. And the most senior BTS member Seok-Jin is getting 28 years old this year (4th December 2020). 

BTS JIN doing a speech

(Clearly, 2020 will get worst for us ARMY!!!)

What are the options that BTS won’t have to perform Military service?

They can demand to government for the revocation of their military service. There have been a few rare cases where the government revoked military service for its citizens. But it’s a rare chance to NIL in the case of KPOP idols.

KPOP idols who have completed their service in the military

Massive KPOP boy group Big-Bang members G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Taeyang, to the worldwide phenomenon PSY. You name it, all are on the list! Exo members D.O, and Xiumin were also enlisted for the service last year. All the Big-Bang members have completed their military services earlier between late 2019 and early 2020.

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Which KPOP idol has escaped from performing this mandatory service?

Popular KPOP idol of the late 90s and early 21st century Yoo Seung-Jun migrated to the United States to stop himself from serving in the military. That resulted in the government of South Korea banning his re-entry in their country again. This decision ended Yoo Seung-Jun’s career. 

Later, he filed a lot of petition requesting his re-entry in the country. He also released a video he himself requesting his re-entry standing on his knees! He said that he would serve in the military after he returns home! But the Korean government denied his every request!

ARMY, there is no way our idols can migrate anywhere without ruining their career. 

So how can BTS stop themselves from doing the military service?

BTS Military Service

There is literally no way, but once the government has provoked military service of a famous swimmer named Park Tae-Hwan, who won the Gold medal in the Olympics, remains the only exemption. 

Sadly for ARMY, all the members have especially Seok-Jin later this year has to enroll in military service. But Jin has no hesitation to do the service. Jin himself said-  “It’s normal for us Koreans.”

It will surely be a black-day not only for us ARMY but also for the whole KPOP industry when BTS members start to get enrolled in the real ARMY. But all we ARMY can do is support our idols maximum. There is always a sunrise after a dark night, there will be always a rise after the fall. We all must wait for a small period of time, which may be hurting. But there will come a day when all our idols will get re-united  after their military service.

UPDATE: BTS might be able to not perform their Military service.

South Korean politician and member of “Democratic Pary of Korea”, Jeon Yeon Ki proposed a new exemption for KPOP group with outstanding career to extend their enrollment till the age of 30. Hope there will come a day where they’ll allow BTS to not perform the service. 

We could only wait and watch what will happen to BTS!

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