BTS Member roles in their new KPOP album BE

Roles played by BTS members in “BE”

As we know, BTS have taken a lot of effort in their new album “BE.” Each and every member tried their best to make the album perfect in their own way. Let’s see what role they have in making this album.

BTS Jungkook – Director

Jungkook BE

Jungkook was the songwriter composer and director of “Life Goes On.” His work was quite good. You can see it in the music video. He also came up with ideas and other related to direction of music videos too.


“I tried to show real side of BTS, all the realities and emotions, our tour got cancelled and all… Over all it was a great experience and a lesson… I would want to create more better music videos in the future… I would wanna learn more…”

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BTS Jimin – Project ManagerBTS Jimin Comeback BTS Profile and facts

Jimin is the project manager of “BE.” He was the one who took the initiative and come up with ideas after ideas. With his leadership all members came up with their own ideas too making it successful. RM said that Jimin really did a good job and thanked him during the press conference for his good work.

BTS V – Visual DirectorBTS V - BE

V was the visual director of “BE.” He was the one who came up with the concept of unique pictures for each and every member within a unique room setup. He tried to reflect the character of each member and their emotions through the designs of concept pictures. From the music videos we can see how good the job V have done.

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