New KPOP single album by Natty

Natty with her new single album “Teddy Bear”!

This Comeback season, the new raising Thai singer – Natty makes a comeback with her second single album “Teddy Bear.” Under Swing Entertainment, she did her solo debut with a single album “Nineteen” on 7th May this year, and today (12th November), she made a comeback with her new single album “Teddy Bear.”

Natty’s Teddy Bear

KPOP Singer Natty in her new Solo Album Teddy bear

Natty’s new single album “Teddy Bear” is released today. It is a story for another ‘dream’ by Natti expressing “the will to grow from a pure her and explode beyond her potential and limits” by comparing it to a teddy bear that resembles a warm heart.

Natty KPOP Singer in her new Solo KPOP album Teddy Bear

The music video is full of lovely and cute visuals with excellent music and dance. The music video reminds the fans of their beautiful childhood and the wild imaginations of children, giving nostalgia to the viewers.

In, all in all, it felt cute and adorable.

About Natty

KPOP Soloist singer Natty

Natty (Ahnatchaya Suputhipong) is a rising star in the field of K-pop. She was known for being a participant in the program “Sixteen” in which members for the Twice were selected. She made her solo debut with a single album – “Nineteen” (May 2020) under Swing Entertainment.

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