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This comeback Season, E’LAST made their first comeback with their second mini-album “AWAKE.” E’LAST (or previously known as EBoyz) is a newly formed eight-member group under E Entertainment. They debuted on 9th June this year with their first mini-album “Day Dream.” And today, 11th November, they released their second mini-album “Awake“!

E’LAST’s “Awake”

E’LAST’s new mini-album “Awake” is released today with “Tears of Chaos” as its title track.

E'last - Awake - comeback season special

In this mini-album, instead of eight members, there are only seven members; as the idol, Wonjun, is currently a host for EBS “Tok Tok! Boni Hani.” This new mini-album has a total of five tracks which include “Intro“, “Dangerous“, “Because of You“, “Present“, and the title track – “Tears of Chaos.”

The title track – Tears of Chaos.

About E’Last

E’LAST is a new South Korean K-pop group under E Entertainment. This boy group was previously known as EBoys and was the first group under E Entertainment. Here, E is an abbreviation for “Everlasting.” This group has eight members: Choi InSeungyeopBaekgyeulRominWon HyukWonjunYejun, and Rano (Leader). They debuted with their first mini-album “Day Dream” on 9th, June this year with “Swear” (“Knight’s Oath”) as its main single.

E'Last group pic

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