GFriend comeback2020- Wallpurgis Night blog by Kpop4realGFriend drops their new comeback album – Walpurgis Night

This November, during Comeback Season, GFriend officially released their new comeback album “Walpurgis Night” on 9th November with the lead single “Mago.” Even though the group was started in 2015 by a small company called Source Music, its popularity among “Buddy” never decreased. Instead, they have been waiting for the moment to be officially released. At last, now it has been released!

GFriend Comeback album - Walpurgis night

GFriend’s Walpurgis Night

This full length album of Gfriend – “Walpurgis Night” marks the final part of “回” trilogy series, which is summing up the their growth series. The lead single of the album “Mago” is a disco song.

GFriend comeback Nov2020

The lead single “Mago.” You must watch!

About GFriend

GFriend is a South Korean girl group of six members formed by Source music. The group was formed in 2015 and was raised in popularity and gained momentum despite coming from a small company and won several rookie awards that year. Members of the Group are Eunha, SinB, Sowon, Umji, Yerin, and Yuju. They debuted with their five tracks EP “Season of Glass” on 15th January 2015. 

GFriend Kpop Group pic

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