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Ha” makes his comeback with “MIRAGE”

This comeback season, Ha Sung Woon – comes up with a surprise for the “Haneul.” Ha Sung Woon is best known for being a member of “Hotshot” and a previous member of “Wanna One” under Star Crew Entertainment and YMC Entertainment – respectively. He started as a solo artist at the beginning of 2019, and now he made his comeback yesterday (9 November) with his 4th mini-album – “Mirage“!

Poster of Ha Sung Woon New KPOP single song Mirage

Ha Sung Woon’s “Mirage”

Ha Sung Woon Korean Singer's new album Mirage poster

All this while, Haneul was waiting for their star’s comeback and, at last, their dream has fulfilled. Ha made his comeback with the most anticipated mini-album – “Mirage.”
The surprise doesn’t end there. Another surprise lies in the song. Check it out to find it out!

Isn’t it surprising!?

About Ha Sung Woon

Ha Sung Woon is a South Korean singer and a dancer who is a member of the popular K-pop group Hotshot under Star Crew Entertainment. He debuted as a member of Hotshot in 2014 and later in 2017, he became the final member of the group Wanna One under YMC Entertainment. His contract with Wanna One ended on 31st December 2018.

Ha Sung Woon in his new KPOP album Mirage

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