This comeback season, MAMAMOO is another group that made their comeback (on November 3rd) with their album “TRAVEL.” It is a South Korean girl group under Rainbow Bridge World (RBW), which debuted in June 2014. They have four-members: Hwasa, Moonbyul, Solar, and Wheein. This is their 10th mini-album; and had pre-released a track “Dingga” (on October 20), which was a leisurely and cheerful song that attracted a lot of fans and, at last, the album is now released!


mamamoo 2020 comeback group picture aya

The most famous is the title track among the MAMAMOO‘s album “TRAVEL” music video “AYA.”  “AYA” has powerful lyrics (even though some parts felt out of sorts or something, overall it felt good and powerful making it feel like… Energetic? or something like moving?), and with good composing and those background and choreography it is a whole new level!

Many have different opinion on this song. Some felt it was interesting and some had ‘not so good’ opinion about it.


MAMAMOO is a South Korean girl group under Rainbow Bridge World (RBW), which debuted with a single in June 2014. They have four members: Hwasa, Moonbyul, Solar, and Wheein. Their debut song “Mr. Ambiguous” was considered one of the best K-pop debuts of 2014 by various critics, which raised their popularity.

Their plus point lies in strong vocals, jazz, retro, and R&B.

Even though their debut song got popular, it was only after their album “Melting” and their first consort Mamamoo Concert-Moosical in August 2016, that they gained their popularity and made a breakthrough.

Their famous song of the year 2019 is “Hip”. Even now, fans are still enjoying the song and even comparing it with the new “AYA

About Members

MAMAMOO is a KPOP group with four members.

1. Solar

Solar Mamamoo Comback 2020 aya

As 36th and 24th ranked person on TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018” and TC Candler “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2019” respectively, Solar is a beauty who made an official solo debut in April this year. She debuted with a single – “Spit it Out” for which she won her first-ever music show award on SBS MTV’s “The Show” as a solo artist.
She had once collaborated with Eddy Kim.

3. Wheein

Weelin mamamoo 2020 comeback aya

Wheein has a warm and hardworking personality and is compassionate. She, as a soloist, broke new ground with her “Soar” which was her biggest solo hit with the gorgeous piano ballad.
Though a lot of discussion and issues surrounding her were spread around, the fans gave her their full support and love. During summer 2019, She took a break from her scheduled activities due to health issues, which include anxiety and nervousness. Though fans are happy that she is now back, they are worried about her health.


Moonbyul mamamooo 2020 comeback aya

As the first member to officially be a solo artist, Moonbyul debuted with her single – “Selfish” which was a collaboration with Seulgi. She once appeared as “Swan” in episode 179 of MBC’s show – King of Mask Singer. She also made a collaboration single – “Weird Day” with Punch (Bae Jin-young).

4. Hwasa

Hwasa mamamoo 2020 comeback aya

The last and fourth member Hwasa also made her debut as a soloist in 2019. She debuted as a soloist with the song “Twit” in which she participated in writing and composing it. She has directly participated in writing and composing most of her solo and the group MAMAMOO’s songs. She has collaborated with Dua Lippa for the remix version of “Physical” and also endorsed and collaborated with many famous brands such as Addidas, Dior, La Perla, John Hardy, etc.

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