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This comeback season, famous Kpop group – Momoland made their comeback this Tuesday (17th November). Momoland is a girl group under MLD Entertainment that debuted in November 2016. They have over 2.2 million followers on Instagram (momoland_official). They completed their 4 years of Momoland last Tuesday, which was the 10th of November 2020. They are comeback with their third single album – “Ready or Not” which has the title with the same name called “Ready or Not” on 17th November 2020 (Tuesday)!

Momoland – Ready or Not!

KPOP girl group Momoland group picture

Ready or Not” is the single album of Momoland. The title track was released this Tuesday (November 17).

About Momoland

KPOP group Momoland members, Jooe, Ahin and Nancy

Momoland is (currently) a six-member South Korean girl group under MLD Entertainment (previously known as Duble Kick company). The group was formed through “Finding Momoland” – a reality show. The current members of the group are Ahin, Nayun, Jane, JooE, Nancy, and Hyebin.

KPOP group Momoland members, Hyebin, Jane, Nayun

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