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NCT returns with NCT Resonance Pt. 2 (Arrival Version)

This November, SM Town‘s unlimited member group NCT is officially made a comeback Today (23rd November). They returned with the second part of NCT‘s second full-length album – “NCT Resonance Pt. 2” or simply Resonance Pt. 2. It is being released as a part of their large-scale project “NCT 2020” and has 21 tracks with “90’s Love” and “Work It” serving as its double title tracks. The album got released on 23 November 2020 at 6 PM KST!

NCT group under SM Town The 2nd KPOP Album RESONANCE Pt.2


NCT – Resonance Pt. 2

The NCT’s album “Resonance Pt. 2 which is the second part of the album “NCT Resonance Pt. 1”  has been released as a part of a large-scale project known as “NCT 2020.” The album just got released today (23rd November 2020) and contains 21 tracks. It has double title tracks – “90’s Love” and “Work It.

Title Track – 90’s Love!

The physical album comes in two versions: Departure and Arrival and, this is the Arrival version.

Track list of NCT – Resonance Pt. 2 Tracks [Youtube Links]

    1. 90’s Love

    2. Misfit

    3. Raise the Roof

    4. Volcano

    5. Light Bulb

    6. Dancing In The Rain

    7. My Everything –

    8. Interlude: Past to Present

    9. Make A Wish (Birthday Song)

    10. Déjà Vu (무대로 / 舞代路)

    11. Nectar (月之迷)

    12. Music, Dance –

    13. Faded In My Last Song

    14. From Home

    15. From Home (Korean Ver.)

    16. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)

    17. Interlude: Present to Future

    18. Work It

    19. All About You

    20. I.O.U

    21. Outro: Dream Routine

About NCTNCT KPOP boy group under SM Town group picture for their new album Ressonance Pt. 2

NCT (Neo Culture Technology) is a South Korean boy group under SM Entertainment with an unlimited number of members and sub-units. As of now, there are 23 members in the group with 2 members being added this year. The first to debut under the group is a rotational sub-unit NCT U with the singles The 7th Sense and Without You in April 2016. They are now making a comeback as a part of a large-scale project NCT 2020. NCT has a combination of members that is of various music genres and thus making its album highly anticipated by fans all around the world.

NCT new album Resonance Part two Member lin up and NCT KPOP group Member names

NCT FULL 23 Members Names and Sub-groups!

  1. Sungchan
  2. Shotaro
  3. Moon Taeil NCT 127
  4. Seo Youngho (Johnny) – NCT 127
  5. Lee Taeyong – NCT 127
  6. Nakamoto Yuta – NCT 127
  7. Kim Dongyoung (Doyoung) – NCT 127
  8. Jung Yoonoh (Jaehyun) – NCT 127
  9. Kim JungwooNCT 127
  10. V(Mark)NCT 127, NCT Dream
  11. Lee Donghyuck (Haechan) – NCT Dream, NCT 127
  12. Huang Renjun NCT Dream
  13. Lee Jeno – NCT Dream
  14. Na Jaemin – NCT Dream
  15. Zhong Chenle – NCT Dream
  16. Park Jisung NCT Dream
  17. Qian Kun – WayV
  18. Ten – WayV
  19. Dong Sicheng (Winwin) – WayV, (Was in NCT 127)
  20. Wong Yukhei/ Huang Xuxi (Lucas) – WayV
  21. Lou Yangyang – WayV
  22. Xiao Dejun (Xiaojun) – WayV
  23. Wong Kunhang (Hendery) – WayV

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