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Kang Daesungthe “SmilingAngel” better known by his stage name Daesung is a member and the (now) maknae of the KPOP sensation boy group BIGBANGone of the best-selling and most popular KPOP boy groups of all time, under YG Entertainment. He is the lead vocalist of the group and is known for his goofy energy, funny antics, and cute charms, turning from silly to sexy in a snap. VIP loves to see him do his goofy antics.

KPOP boy band BIGBANG Group Picture

BIGBANG is a four-member group (After Seungri announced his retirement from KPOP). As of now, BIGBANG consist of 4 members – G-Dragon, TaeyangT.O.Pand Daesung.

KPOP group BIGBANG member Daesung feature picture in their album Made


Stage Name: Daesung  

Birth Name: Kang Daesung

Birthday: April 26th, 1989

Birthplace: Itaewon, South Korea

Position: Lead vocalist, Dancer, Maknae



KPOP group BIGBANG member Daesung feature picture in their album Made

Daesung Childhood and Trainee day Facts!

– He was born in Itaewon but, grown up in Incheon.

– He has an elder sister named Bora.

– He was a soccer player.

– He learned taekwondo when he was small.

– After listening to a Stevie Wonder song, he wanted to become a singer.

– Not getting permission from his parents, he left his home for a week to get their permission to become a singer.

– During auditions, he was called “Unpretty Boy” and “ugly.”

– He had a horrible sense of style at that time.

– Later he was declared to be the most popular member of BIGBANG.

– He was the third member to be selected for BIGBANG.

– He dropped out of his school for BIGBANG, later in 2008, he joined Kyung Hee University.

Daesung as D-lite

As BIGBANG members started their solo careers, Daesung also started his career as a soloist. But his career as a soloist bloomed in Japan. He used another stage name – D-lite (delight) and released his first-ever solo Japanese album “D’scover in February 2013. He also held a concert in Japan, which was the first-ever concert held by a KPOP artist with over 100,000 fans. After the release of his second Japanese album “D’slove,” he became the first K-Pop artist to bring in more than 100,000 fans to his concert tour for two consecutive years and, both of his albums leaped to number two on Japan’s Oricon weekly hit chart, which was a rare feat for a non-Japanese artist.

Gummy – buddy for life!

After putting up much effort to convince his parents and starting his music career, Daesung was diagnosed with voice chord nodules and developed sociophobia and stage fright just after his debut. Many felt that his future was coming to an end, and he felt so too. It was at that time he met the singer – Gummy (Park Ji Yeon). She also once suffered from the same illness and hence became good friends. She helped him a lot on his road to his recovery.

Bora – The strongest woman in Daesung’s life!

Daesung was through many situations and controversies in his life. Throughout his career, he met with many situations when he felt tired and hopeless. But every time there was someone who was with him, giving him her full support and strength so that he could pass through it safely. Some artists revealed that he would always rely on one woman, Bora when he was in a rough time. But he never denies it. He once said in a Korean talk show “Strong Heart” – My sister, who is a soldier, used up a holiday day to spend time with me” and shared how she helped him through his tough times.

More Daesung Facts!

– His favorite color is black and yellow.

– His favorite anime is Doraemon and, he is obsessed with it.

– His favorite karaoke song is Wheesung‘s “With me.” 

– His most favorite food is sushi.

– He likes to do the cooking, playing drums, taking good care of his skin.

– His major hobbies are singing, dancing, playing drums, gags, beatboxing, Doraemon, cooking, etc.

– He is devoutly Christian.

– He became a Christian devout after the accident in 2011, which left a deep impression on him because of a death.

– He is known for being a “Gag” or is called “Comedy Genius Daesung.”

– He has a great sense of humor and unique talent for imitating famous people and animals.

– He has an IQ of 110 points.

– He is quite popular in Japan. 

– Japanese fans consider him sexy and a bad boy

– He sold molds of his nose in Japan and, they used that to make jelly and rice balls.

Daesung’s Achievements

– He is the second BIGBANG member to star in a musical (in 2008), playing the role of Tum Tum in the Korean production of Cats.

– He became a permanent of the reality-variety show “Family Outing” on SBS.

– He became the first K-Pop artist to bring in more than 100,000 fans to his concert tour for two consecutive years.

– His first two Japanese albums leaped to number two on Japan’s Oricon weekly hit chart – a rare achievement for a non-Japanese artist.

BIGBANG Daesung’s Military Service!

On 13th March 2018, Daesung began his two-year mandatory military service. He entered the 27th Infantry Division’s boot camp in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province as an active-duty soldier. After two years of service, he along with, another BIGBANG member Taeyang was discharged on 10th November 2019.

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