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Heeseung or Lee Hee Seung is a member of the new KPOP boy group “ENHYPEN” under Belift Lab. He ranked fifth in the finals of I-LAND – a reality show through which the group – ENHYPEN was formed. He was the one who had the longest training period in the group and is also the Unnie of the group. He has a solo fandom created by the fans with the name Aces. With his jet black deep eyes and his vocal line, he charmed the fans. He is the vocalist, rapper, dancer, and the center of the group. 

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Stage name: Heeseung

Real name: Lee Heeseung

Positions: Centre, Vocalist, Rapper, and Dancer

Birthday: October 15th, 2001

Birthplace: Gyeonggi, South Korea

Instagram: @enhypen

Twitter: @ENHYPEN

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Heeseung Enhypen – childhood and trainee day facts!

  • Heeseung is 19 years old, and he studied at Gwangnam High School.
  • As siblings, he has an elder brother. 
  • His nickname is Heedeungie.
  • He was the one who trained for the longest period in the group, which is 3 years and a month as a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment and is also the Unnie of the group.
  • He was ranked fifth in the finals of the survival show I-LAND.
  • He is good at English, writing and composing songs, and has good vocal skills. 
  • He is called the Ace of the group as he is good at singing, rapping, and dancing.
  • He shares his birthday with SUPER JUNIOR‘s Donghae and AB6IX‘s Woong.

Heeseung Enhypen – Favourites, likes, and dislikes!

  • Favorite color – Ivory and purple
  • Favorite ice cream flavor – Rainbow Sherbet (one of the flavors available at Baskin Robbins in Korea)
  • Favorite Foods – Ramyeon (Korean version of instant Japanese ramen), chicken, pork belly, pork & beef cutlets.
  • Favorite Brand – Dickies 
  • Favorite season – Spring and Winter
  • Favorite sports – Basketball 
  • Favorite song – Night Flight song
  • Favorite things to do – Playing games, sleeping, and hugging the pillow while sleeping
  • Things he doesn’t like – Bugs, chocolate, and mint flavors
  • His bucket list:
    • Do concert with the whole group after debut.
    • To write and compose his songs all by himself.
    • To become more professional as a musician and artist, and do music with all seven members for a long time.
    • To release self-composed songs, holding a concert and a fan sign, and do a cover by the end of 2020.

Full ENHYPEN Member Profile and Facts!

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