G-Dragon soon to make a comback with a SOLO!

BIGBANG member G-Dragon to make a comeback soon!!! YG Entertainment confirmes that BIGBANG member G-Dragon is working on his comeback. He will be making a return after a 3-year break. He’s been sneak peeking himself in music studio on his Instagram fro a while now. But now it is confirmed.

G-Dragon Bigbang in Chanel dress KPOP4real

The last music released by him is from his solo album Kwon Jiyong all the way back in 2017G-Dragon has spent 20 years as a part of the YG Entertainment Family. 

VIP’s rise from Grave! 


All BIGBANG and G-Dragon fans are hella excited for his comeback. Bigbang fandom, so-called V.I.P has been one of the most loyal fan bases of all time. They have been supporting their idols during their dark times. And this will be a precious gift for all the V.I.Ps worldwide from the man himself, G-Dragon. This fanbase has been waiting for this opportunity for more than 3 years now. 

G-Dragon Bigbang in Chanel dress KPOP4real

Fingers crossed for his SOLO Comeback!

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