Happy birthday EXO KPOP group member Chanyeol

Happy Birthday, Chan-Yeol!

Today, 27 November, is the birthday of “King of Derps” – Park Chan Yeol, also known as Chanyeol. He is a member of the group EXO under SM Entertainment. He was the last member to be introduced to the public and is the main rapper and the vocalist of the group. He is also a member of EXO sub-units – EXO-K and EXO-SC. He has over 22.5m followers on his Instagram (@real__pcy). Today, he turned 28 years old!

Chanyeol nicknames

  • Happy Virus – Because he always smiles or will be in a good mood. 
  • Reaction king of EXO – He is always full of laughs whatever the situation he is in.
  • Park Do-Bi – Because of his big and pointed ears (just like Dobi).
  • Channie
  • Yeollie 
  • Channie
  • Wealthy Teeth – Because he always shows off his white teeth. 
  • King of Derps

About EXO

SM Town KPOP boy group EXO

EXO is a nine-member group formed under SM Entertainment in 2011 but debuted with 12 members in 2012. Currently, the group is consists of 9 members: SuhoXiuminLayBaekhyunKai, ChenChanyeolD.O., and Sehun. The former members were KrisLuhan,and Tao. This year, all members are working in solo activities, and Exo Kai will debut on 30th November with his first solo mini-album is titled “Kai.”

When I met Chanyeol !!!

Ya, This is me chillin with Chanyeol in his Crib, EXO Kai took the picture. I just blurred myself because he said to do soo… HAA AREN’t YOU JEALOUS EXO-L Haa Haa (lol)

Chanyeol 2020 girlfriend

Kai’s New mini album track “Mmmh” M/V Crosses over 1.7M Views!

EXO member Kai's new solo album teaser

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