Happy birthday to Monsta x Kihyun from KPOP4real

Happy birthday Yoo KiHyun!

Today (22 November) is the birthday of the KPOP star, the “Cutie of Monsta X – Yoo Ki Hyun (stage name – Ki Hyun). He is a member of Monsta X – a Kpop group debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2015. He is a South Korean singer and is the main vocalist of the group Monsta X. Today he turned 27 years old!MonstaX KPOP boy group member KIHYUN in their album Fatal Love

MonstaX KPOP boy group member Kihyun cute waving to fans

Monsta X – Ki Hyun nicknames;

Ki Hyun has mainly four nicknames;

  • Cutie – Because he has dimples and looks so cute.
  • Kirange – It is a combination of his name and his orange-colored hair (Ki Hyun + Orange).
  • Tinie – It’s because of his small size.
  • KiKi Monbebe likes to call him that.

About Monsta X


Monsta X is a six-member South Korean boy group under Starship Entertainment in 2015. After Wonho, the Vocalist left the group last year, the current group members are Shownu (Vocalist), Minhyuk (Vocalist), Hyungwon (Vocalist), Kihyun (Vocalist), I.M (Rapper), and Joohoney (Rapper). They just made another comeback on 2nd November with their third full-length album “FATAL LOVE.”

You can watch it over here:

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