Today, November 9, is the birthday of Momo Hirai (Momo) – a Japanese member of the K-pop group – TWICE under JYP Entertainment in South Korea. She is famous for singing and dancing, and she is also a songwriter. She is the Vocalist, Rapper as well as the Dancer of the group – TWICE. And today, she is turned 24 years old!

Few MOMO Facts!!!

Momo Hirai is the third oldest member of the group TWICE and her name Momo means Peach. She is just like the name – a pink lover and also very cute, just like a peach.
She also has other nicknames.
Momoring – Don’t know the meaning of the nickname. But Mina once called her Momoring, way back and now it is famous.
Moguri – Momo+Noguri. Noguri (Korean) means raccoon. It is because she looks cute like a raccoon.
Eating Machine – She is a food lover.
Jokbal Queen – Jokbal is a Korean dish – which is her favorite.
Dancing Machine – She can dance whenever, wherever, and whichever place, and that earned her the nickname. She is said to be the best dancer in TWICE.

She is just soo cute and is very popular among ONCE.

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