Happy Birthday Lee Sangyeon!

Sangyeon birthday

Today – November 4, is the birthday of yet another famous K-pop star Lee Sang Yeon (Sangyeon), the leader and the lead vocalist of the boy group – The Boyz under Creative.Kernel Entertainment. Today he is 24 years old!

His first cast!

Sangyeon had his first fixed cast appearance on the show “We are the One” that aired from February 26. It is a variety show where the cast members delivered their handmade lunchboxes to various guests each week, before getting to know the guests over a meal.

Sangyeon-We are the one

Songs by The Boyz – Must listen!

  1. Boy
  2. Bloom Bloom
  3. Giddy Up
  4. Got It
  5. Keeper
  6. No Air
  7. Right Here
  8. The Stealer
  9. Walkin’ In Time

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