Happy birthday to KPOP boy group ENHYPEN member Jake

Happy Birthday ENHYPEN Jake!

Today (November 15th) is the Birthday of KPOP boy group ENHYPEN member Jake. Jake is the Rapper, Vocalist, and dancer of the group. Jake was one of the winners of the Korean survival show I-LAND and selected as one of the members of the new BE Lift LAB KPOP group ENHYPEN. He was the second runner up after the voting on the final episode of I-Land.

New KPOP boy group ENHYPEN under BIG HIT Entertainment member Jake

We [KPOP4real] wish Jake and Enhypen all the good luck & success, and a huge Happy Birthday!!!

New KPOP boy group ENHYPEN under BIG HIT Entertainment group picture

ENHYPEN is a KPOP boy group under BE Lift LAB which is a KPOP media company, jointly launched by CJ E&M Entertainment and BIG HIT Entertainment, the same company that owns BTS. They have over a million followers already on their twitter @ENHYPEN_members. The names of this new KPOP boy group members are Jay, Jake, Jungwon, Sunoo, Sunghoon, and Heeseung. This Seven-member KPOP group is to make its debut by the end of this November 2020. 

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