BLACKPINK coming to india and BLACKPINK's partnership with Indian company Jio Savan

Blackpink – Around The World teaser; Indian blinks are already jumping in Joy!

Blackpink released a teaser with the title “Blackpink – Around The World” without giving much of a detail. The short video only mentioned cities and time of launch without any other information. But this was enough to make Indian blinks to go crazy all over.

It was the fact that Mumbai is one of the cities the video mentioned that made Indian blink go happy all over. There are other 18 cities mentioned in the video. The cities are Seol, Paris, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, Johannesburg, New York, London, Istanbul, MexicoCity, Amsterdam, Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Tokyo, KualaLumpur, HongKong, and Taipei.

BLACKPINK’s Partnership with Indian music label Jio Savan!

Right after the release of this mysterious video by BLACKPINK. YG Entertainment officially declared BLACKPINK’s partnership, with one of India’s biggest music label “Jio Savan.” Jio Savan is under their parent company, “Reliance.” Multi Billionaire, Mukesh Ambani is the owner of this company. His estimated net worth is more than a whopping 70 Billion USD. Which makes him one of the richest men in the world.

Jio Savan and KPOP group BLACKPINK

To get into Partnership with this India’s Giant! That means something BIG! is cooking at the YG Entertainment basement.

Is Blackpink really coming to India!?

 Blackpink - around the world - Blackpink

Indian blinks are quite optimistic about their favorite idols coming to India. Now that YG girl group BLACKPINK has officially announced their partnership with India’s music label Jio Savan,  Indian BLINKS can now believe for real that BLACKPINK has established a few major connections with the Indian market. Also, they showed India’s major city Mumbai, in that mysterious video, BLACKPINK launched recently. 

Is it a BLACKPINK 2021 WORLD TOUR, and India’s City Mumbai is in one of the venues? 


It’s just a Partnership deal with Jio Savan?

We still have to wait for the answer!

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