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Chaeryeong ITZY

Lee Chaeryeong, better known as Chaeryeong, is a member of ITZYa KPOP girl group under JYP Entertainment. She is the first to join JYP among the members. Her nickname is ‘chocolate holic.’ She is the main dancer, sub vocalist, and sub rapper of the group. She is cute and has somewhat mature air, but a scaredy-cat who quickly gets scared. But MIDZY loves her for who she is. She was quite popular as a contestant of “Sixteen” and was popular even among the contestant. 

So here are some facts about ITZY Chaeryeong  – I bet some of you MIDZY don’t know…

ITZY KPOP girl group under JYP Entertainment member Chaeryeong in their music video Not Shy


Stage Name: Chaeryeong

Birth Name: Lee Chaeryeong

English Name: Judy Lee

Role: Main Dancer, Sub Rapper, and Sub Vocalist

Birthday: June 5th, 2001

Birthplace: Yongin, South Korea


Twitter: @ITZYOfficial

JYP Entertainment KPOP girl group ITZY picture for their new song Not Shy

Chaeryeong ITZY Facts!

Chaeryeong Childhood, Trainee & Family Facts!

– She has both an elder sister and a younger sister.

– Her younger sister’s name is Chaemin, while her elder sister is IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon.

– She studied at Hanlim Multi Art School (The same school where ITZY Yuna, Ryujin Studied). 

– She and her elder sister Chaeyeon, both auditioned in 2012 for Fantagio but was unsuccessful.

– She, in 2014, became a trainee under JYPE.

– Her time at JYP as a trainee was over 5 Years. 

– She was a contestant of Kpop Star 3 (at the age of 11) and was on SIXTEEN (she was 14)

– Her specialty lies in writing, composing music, and she studied in the music branch. 

– She is the member who trained for the longest period and can be said to be the Unnie of the group since she joined JYP earlier than other members.

– She made her debut as a member of JYP’s KPOP girl group ITZY on February 12th, 2019.

Chaeryeong – Should have been a member of TWICE!

Before the debut, Chaeryeong first auditioned for Fantagio in 2012, which was an unsuccessful attempt. But she entered JYP as a trainee and became a contestant for the survival show – “Sixteen” in 2015. Sixteen is a survival show by JYP and Mnet through which the TWICE group was formed. Along with her, her sister Chaeyeong (IZ*ONE) and Natty (soloist) were also a contestant in the survival show. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the finals and lost her chance to join the group. On her third attempt, that was 4 years later, she successfully joined a group. In February 2019, she was revealed as a member of the new JYP KPOP group ITZY. Perseverance really makes a person successful!

MORE Chaeryeong FACTS!

Siblings – Elder Sister – IZ*ONE‘s Chaeyeon and younger sister – Chaemin

Favorite color – White

Favorite Food – Pasta, Western and Korean foods (She is a foodie and loves to try different delicacies).

Favorite Hobby – Watching movies and dramas, listening to music, eating delicacies and sleeping.

Favorite Genere – Ballad in music and Romantic comedies in films.

Favorite song – Ne-Yo‘s “Because of You“.

Habits – Touching her hair often, watching ASMR videos (Vlive) for almost 2 hours before sleeping.

Dislikes – winter season, rude people, and embarrassing moments.

Even though her specialty lies in music, she loves dancing, especially, to her seniors’ music.

Lia unnie once said, she feels the most comfortable around Chaeryeong.

She and other fellow ITZY members Ryujin Yuna studied at the same art school. [Hanlim Multi Art School]

She has her own Room. [Whereas Yuna & Lia; and Yeji & Ryujin Lives together.]

Wealthy Chaeryeong!

Chaeryeong is actually from a wealthy family and lives in the wealthiest neighborhood in South Korea. From childhood, she had a life in silver platter. But she never cared about it and worked to fulfil her dream of being an idol. And at last, her hard work paid off and her dream was fulfilled. She had once shown a glimpse of her house where she lived. The house was lavishly and luxuriously decorated and was actually as large and spacious as a shopping mall!

JYP Entertainment KPOP girl group ITZY picture for their new song Not Shy

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