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Ryujin ITZY

Shin Ryu Jin, better known as Ryujin, is a member of ITZYa KPOP girl group under JYP Entertainment. She is the main rapper and dancer of the group and loved by the ITZY’s fandom MIDZY for her tom-boy attitude. Many KPOP idols admire her for her rapping and dancing abilities, especially for her dance move in the music video “WANNABE.

So here are some ITZY Ryujin facts – I bet some of you MIDZY don’t know!

ITZY KPOP girl group under JYP Entertainment member Ryujin in their music video Not Shy


Stage Name: Ryujin

Birth Name: Shin Ryu Jin 

English Name: Joanne Shin

Role: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer

Birthday: April 17th, 2001

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea


Twitter: @ITZYOfficial

ITZY Ryujin Facts!

Ryujin Trainee days, Family & Childhood Facts!

– She has a brother who is 3 years older than her.

– She studied at Hanlim Multi Art School (The same school where ITZY Chaeryeong, Yuna Studied).

– She was scouted and given an offer to join JYP Entertainment as a trainee at the 2014 GOT7 fan event.

– Her period as a trainee was over for 4 years.

– She was the first Episode of Stray Kids Survival Show in 2017.

– She also tried her luck to get into YG Entertainment.

– She ranked FIRST in YG Entertainment’s show “MIXNINE.”

– YG Ent. CEO (Yang Hyun Suk) once gave her an offer to join YG.

– She denied the offer to get into YG Entertainment and chose to stay at JYP Entertainment.

– She made her debut as a member of JYP’s KPOP girl group ITZY on February 12th, 2019.

Ryujin ICONIC “WANNABE” dance move loved by KPOP Idols!

ITZY made every other KPOP group members look at them in awe! when they came out with the music video “Wannabe,” with powerful and tough dance moves, which they made seem to look like a piece of cake. Especially the rapper of the group Ryujin was the most noticed one by the KPOP community with her iconic dancing move at the start of the music video. 

🎶 “jansolineun stop it al-aseo halge”🎶

🎶 “naega mwoga doedeun naega al-aseo hal tenikka jom”🎶

(Oooh… DONO why my shoulders are moving, just on singing these lyrics LOL)

TWICE’s Mina, Sana, Momo (All the Japanese members LOL)APink’s EunjiNCT’s Jaehyun, to Seunghoon of Winner. All were seen on camera, doing that iconic Ryujin dance move! Now she is well known among the other KPOP idols for her awesome dancing skills. 

Here is the M/V by ITZY – “WANNABE”


Favorite color: BLUE

Siblings: One older brother.

Favorite Food:  Anything with  Japanese red bean paste in it.

She also likes spicy and savory dishes.

Ryujin and other fellow ITZY members Yuna & Chaeryeong  studied at the same art school. [Hanlim Multi Art School]

Her ITZY bestie is Yeji. They both are roommates as well.

She is friends with girl group LOONA’s Heejin and Hyunjin,

She was BTS J-Hope’s and Jimin‘s pair in BTS’sLove Yourself,” Highlight Reel. (Yuna Was Jungkook’s Partner)

She has two pet cats. She calls em Byullie & Dallie.

Taking a Driving License for a Music Video! (With Yeji)

JYP Entertainment KPOP girl group ITZY picture for their new song Not Shy

ITZY members Yeji and Ryujin took driving licenses just for their latest music video, “Not Shy.” They had to drive a car through the desert and overtake a truck for the music video. Ryujin and Yeji were the members on the front seat. Although Yeji was the one on wheels in the music video, Ryujin also took a driving license with her, just in case. 

Here is the link to their Latest M/V NOT SHY!

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