New JYP Entertainment KPOP girl group NiziU

NiziU released their Pre Debut Music track – Step and a step!

NiziU is a new KPOP girl group formed through this years’ survival reality show Nizi Project under JYP Entertainment. The group contains a total of 9 members with unique charms and personalities. They released two videos, before their debut both of which became popular and gained a lot of positive reviews from ONCE and Midzy and comments creating their own space in the fans hearts.NiziU

NiziU – “Step and a step” Digital release

NiziU made their title track Digital release “Step and a step“ on 24 November 2020, Yesterday. The MV views are already nearing 8M today which is quite surprising for a group that has still not debuted.

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NiziU pre-debut release

They made their pre-debut release of EP “Make You Happy” on June 29th. It already surpassed 174M. 

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About NiziU

NiziU is a new girl group under JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. They have 9 members –  Mako, Rio, Maya, Riku, Mayuka, Rima, Ayaka, Miihi and Nina. They were formed through the survival show Nizi Project this year and is planned to make their debut in December.

NiziU - New KPOP group - Blog by Kpop4real

The name NiziU implies that – “various people carrying different colors like a rainbow will come together as one group and shine a beautiful light”. They released a pre-debut video – “Make You Happy” in June. They will be debuting on 2nd December 2020, with the single album “Step and a Step”.

New JYP KPOP girl group NiziU group picture

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