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Red Velvet Joy

Park Soo Young (stage name – Joy (조이) ) is a member of one of the most famous KPOP girl groups Red Velvet under SM Entertainment. She is the Lead Rapper and Vocalist of the group and is also an actress who has over 11.2m followers on her Instagram account (@_imyour_joy).

She is the most narcissistic member of the Red Velvet group with the nickname Queen Of Selca and is chosen as the most jealous and the most emotional member with a fragile heart. She is also a perfectionist and the one who craves the most attention from her members and likes to be acknowledged and complimented by her members so that she can boost her confidence. Her personality itself attracts her fans.

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Stage name: Joy (조이)

Real name: Park Soo Young

Role: Vocalist and Lead Rapper

Birthday: September 3rd, 1996

Birthplace: Jeju Island, South Korea

Instagram: @_imyour_joy

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Red Velvet JOY – childhood and trainee day facts!

– Joy was born in Jeju Island, South Korea, and graduated from the School of Performing Arts, Seoul with Acting Arts as a major.

– She had a lot of nicknames – Doongdoongie, kkyeopjoy (Cute Joy), Malgeumie (which means bright), “snob” (because she rarely really smiled before debut), Sexy Dynamite, Queen Of Selca (as she is the most narcissistic member of the group).

– Her family is a five-member family with two younger sisters -Park Ji Young & Park Min Ji

– she was obsessed with trot music when she was a child and still sings for fun.

– At that time, she was teased by adults to join Miss Korea as she was pretty which then became her inspiration to practice for it.

– During grade school, she performed an original song by the K-rock band – Cherry Filter named “Flying Duck” from which her aspiration to become a singer began.

– In high school, she became friends with GFriend Yerin (who was her classmate at the School of Performing Arts) and APink Hayoung.

– In the same year, she auditioned at the SM Global Audition (2012) in Seoul by SM Entertainment and became a trainee (not as a part of SM Rookies).

– She trained under the agency for nearly two years.

– She had to practice smiling when she was training in SM as she didn’t have much aegyo and also struggled with her dancing skills at the same time.

– It is said that it was Eunhyuk of Super Junior who helped her with her dancing. 

– As she dislikes aegyo and was very adult-like, her vocal coach gave her the stage name, Joy.

– She is the most narcissistic member and is chosen as the most jealous and the most emotional member of the group with a fragile heart. She cries a lot whenever she thinks of her mother or when others talk about their family. 

– Before the arrival of Yeri into the group, Joy used to be the maknae of the group.

– On August 1st, 2014, she debuted as a member of the girl group Red Velvet with the digital single “Happiness”.

– As Joy rarely smiled, her father’s words when he saw her on debut stage was that she looked scary as she smiled too much LOL.

red velvet joy profiles and facts

Joy as an actress!

Although Joy is famous as a member of the KPOP group Red Velvet, she is also a good actress. She has participated in a lot of dramas, films, and reality shows – both as a guest and contestant. She also won and got nominated for various awards too.

Dramas – Descendants of the Sun (2016), The Liar and His Lover (2017), The Boy Next Door, MBC’s Tempted (2018), “The Great Seducer” (2018), 

Films – SMTown The Stage (2015) – A Documentary Film of SM Artists and Trolls World Tour (2020) (gave voice for the character – Ari)

Joy’s little celebrity – Haetnim!

Joy is an animal lover, especially dogs which is her favorite. Many times, she has volunteered herself at animal shelters several times and provides for them. In 2018, She adopted a female Maltese named Haetnim. KPOP group Red Velvet member Joy with her pet Haetnim pic

KPOP group Red Velvet member Joy pet dog Haetnim picsHaetnim itself is a little celebrity with over 148k fans on Instagram account @haetnimee.

JOY’s Favorites, likes, and dislikes!

  • Favorite color – Red
  • Favorite number – 31 (because Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors)
  • Favorite things she likes – Wearing a cardigan over a dress
  • Favorite snacks and food – Mint choco ice cream, pizza without the crust, sushi, chicken, and grilled eel.
  • Favorite drink – (She usually drinks) taro smoothing with pearls and coconut and grapefruit green tea lemonade at 0% sugar with regular ice and aloe.
  • Favorite flower – White Aster
  • Favorite collections  – lip balms
  • Favorite music   Daydreamin
  • Favorite films  The Way Home and Transformers
  • Favorite idols and stars  – Ariana Grande, MeloMance Gummy, Baek Ye-rin, Bibi, R&B artist – Hoody, and Lolo Zouaï 
  • Habits – Spacing out
  • Hobbies – Watching movies, singing songs, imitating Mr. Krabs from Spongebob.

Awards received!

  • MBC Entertainment Awards 2015 – New Star of the Year Award
  • MBC Entertainment Awards 2015 – Best Couple Award
  • OSEN Cable TV Awards – Newcomer Awards
  • The 2020 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards – Best Female Variety Idol
  • Kpopstarz 2020 KPOP Awards – “BEST OST” Introduce Me A Good Person
  • The 2020 Year-End Trendis Choice Awards – ‘Rising Star in Beauty’ Award

More Red Velvet Joy facts!

– For Joy, the toughest part of her day is brushing her teeth.

– She likes to watch dog training videos and videos related to Red Velvet in her spare time the most.

– She was chosen as the most “passionate” member by her co-members.

– She is known to be the most adorable of the group.

– She is the group member who takes the most selfies.

– Her favorite subject at school is Music.

– She is scared of fireworks and had even suffered injuries because of her fear.

– For relieving stress, she goes around on her own shopping and drinking coffee and likes to meeting up and talk with her sisters.

– She’s a great fan of Lolo Zouaï and Ariana Grande.

– She considers Ariana Grade as her role model.

– She has opened a small music studio expressing her interest in creating her own music.

Red Velvet Joy’s ideal type!

– Someone like – So Ji-Sub and Kang Dongwon 

– Someone who lives by the rules works hard on their stuff, has a clear thought of their own.

– Someone polite acts according to his own liking, who has self values – like a real man. 

– Someone who like Vanilla Ice Cream and has big hands, a reliable person, someone who she thinks fits perfectly with her, and someone that makes her feel comfortable. 

– Someone who has sexy lips is a sexy man. 

– She also hopes that he wouldn’t look at other people.

Red Velvet Joy – Solo Debut! (Hello)

red velvet joy solo hello

It was announced that Red Velvet Joy would be making her solo debut on May 31st with a remake album, “Hello,” consisting 6 remake songs.

Joy SOLO Music Video “Hello” on Youtube!

You can check out the lyrics for Joy‘s solo debut album “Hello” here:

Joy (Red Velvet) Hello (안녕) Lyrics [Romanized] album Hello (안녕)

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