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Isa or Lee Chae Young is a member of the new and rising Kpop girl group STAYC under Highup Entertainment. She is the Lead vocalist of the group and is; also the one who first entered Highup Entertainment among the members. She trained for nearly three years, which is the longest period among the members of STAYC. With beautiful long hair, an innocent – cute face; she just looks like a barbie doll and, not to mention that beautiful lips and the voice that comes through it, she is stunningly beautiful and charms the fans. Here are some facts and details about Isa.New KPOP girl group Stayc member Isa


Stage name: Isa

Real name: Lee Chae Young

Role: Lead Vocalist

Birthplace: South Korea

Birthday: 23 January 2002

Instagram: @stayc_highup

Twitter : @STAYC_official

New KPOP group called Stayc under High Up Entertainment group picture

Some facts about Isa

  • She is the fourth person to be revealed and introduced to the public on 13th October 2020.
  • She is the third unnie of the group.
  • Since she was the first to join the company, she is considered the “mother” of the group.
  • She likes simple but unique things, especially when it comes to clothes.
  • She likes cute things and decorating things with cute props.
  • She loves music of the genre R&B, Grooves. 
  • Favorite songs: “Love Affair” by UMI and “Cherish” by Blaq Tuxedo.
  • She has a hobby of finding new places and new restaurants for shopping and eating. (She is 100% foodie).
  • She is good at solving problems.


STAYC is a new Kpop group that debuted on 12th November 2020 under Highup Entertainment. It is a six-member group with Sumin as the leader. The members of the group are IsaJSeeunSieunSumin, and Yoon. Their debut album is a single titled “Star To A Young Culture” with “So Bad” as its title track. Check it out now!

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