High Up apologizes for KPOP girl group STAYC Plagiarism accusations

STAYC Plagiarism – High Up Responded!

STAY made their debut with the song “SO BAD” and was gaining popularity and making headlines for Plagiarism in their new song – “So BAD.” Finally, the owner company of the new KPOP girl group STAYC, High Up Entertainment, came up with an apology on their Twitter account. 

New KPOP Girl group STAYC under High up debut SO BAD group picture


Tweet from High Up Entertainment- 




Translation to English,

On the afternoon of the 16th, the headquarters became aware that one set of ‘SO BAD’ MVs was similar to an overseas artist MV, and requested feedback from the MV production company. In order to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future, we will be more aware of the copyright consciousness and make it carefully.

Here is STAYCs Debut song “SO BAD”

About STAYC-

New KPOP Girl group STAYC under High up debut group picture

STAYC is a rookie six-member girl group that debuted today under Highup Entertainment. 

STAYC Member Names!

 Sieun (Park Si Eun)

Sumin (Bae Soo Min) – Leader

Seeun (Yoon Se Eun)

Isa (Lee Chae Young)

J (Jang Ye Eun)

Yoon (Shim Ja Yoon)

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