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Sieun or Park Si Eun is a member of the new and rising Kpop girl group STAYC under Highup Entertainment. She is the main vocalist of the group and was the first to be introduced. She is bewitchingly beautiful with those eyes that can make ones’ soul stirred and with beautiful long hair and the air of a mature woman – she charmed the fans. Here are some facts and details about Sieun.

New KPOP girl group Stayc member SieunProfile

Stage name: Sieun

Real name: Park Si Eun

Role: Main Vocalist 

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Birthday: 1 August 2001

Instagram: @stayc_highup

Twitter : @STAYC_official

New KPOP group called Stayc under High Up Entertainment group picture

Some facts about Sieun

  • Sieun is the first member to be revealed to the public and is the second unnie of the group.
  • She has a bewitchingly beautiful face with a pair of eyes that could stir ones’ soul.
  • Before joining Highup Entertainment, she was an actress and trainee under JYP Entertainment.
  • She trained for a period of four years.
  • She debuted as a child actress in 2014 in a children’s program “Pluto Secret Society.”
  • She was also in various television dramas and movies.
  • She is a fan of G-Dragon and Apink.


STAYC is a new Kpop group that debuted on 12th November 2020 under Highup Entertainment. It is a six-member group with Sumin as the leader. The members of the group are IsaJSeeunSieunSumin, and Yoon. Their debut album is a single titled “Star To A Young Culture” with “So Bad” as its title track. Check it out now!

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