STAYC overcomes their bad reputation!

STAYC is a new KPOP girl group that debuted under High Up Entertainment. This was the first group under the High Up Entertainment company, and the group has six members in it. All six had their own charm and a unique personality that catches the eyes of people all around the world. So let’s see the up and downs of the STAYC and how they overcome it.

STAYC – “So Bad”

New KPOP Girl group STAYC under High up debut SO BAD group picture

The rookie group STAYC (Acronym – Star To A Young Culture) made their debut on 12 November 2020 with their single album Star To A Young Culture with So Bad” as the title track.

Truth to be told. Many netizens loved this debut album, and many become their fan on the spot. Even internationally, many became a fan just after watching the video.

Many believed that this is the best debut of the year, and some even said that they felt ‘this was the best debut album they have ever seen.’

You can watch the video here:

Gaining a Fan Base

Fans were quite happy with the new group STAYC that they started to discuss “what their fandom name must be?” Many reached the solution that it must be “STAY.” The Stray Kids fans accused STAYC fans of trying to steal the fandom name and fought a little, but some of the STAY also is now part of STAYC fandom! 

During the online feud on Twitter, a lot of hilarious reasoning and memes came up. But all in all, this just showed strong the STAYC has returned after the controversies, also these backlashed made STAYC gain a strong FANDOM too.

STAYC – Overcoming troubles

The next day after the debut,  when the news about plagiarism came, STAYC faced a small backlash. High Up Entertainment came up with an official apology and took necessary measures to solve the immediate problems. What was shocking the most was, even though the group just debuted, the fans supported them strongly and helped them come out this smoothly. You can see this love and care of the fans when ‘STAYC surpassed 10,000 sales on debut album on Hanteo in the 1st week and became the first rookie girl group in 2020 to do so.’

Some fans even commented: “If not for the controversy, I wouldn’t have even another look at this new group. But just it made me a fan of it! I really loved it!”

The saying “even bad publicity is good” really suits the case of STAYC!

STAYC Plagiarism incident

While many were still in a daze watching such an amazing debut, the shocking news spread. The debut video “So Bad” was accused of plagiarizing Miley Cyrus’s music video “Midnight Sky.” Many felt that the new group was not going to make it up, while the majority were worried for the group as they had taken a liking to it.

You can check out more details from:

STAYC gets accused of Plagiarism High Up apologizes for KPOP girl group STAYC Plagiarism accusations

Fortunately, everything went quite well. It’s like the saying ‘fortune from mishap’!

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