Suga shoulder Injury Update!

Yoongi, aka BTS Suga, is on a break because of his shoulder surgery. All of you ARMY must have got the news about this after the BIG HIT Entertainment announced that Suga won’t be attending any of the “BE” album promotions or shows. Last day Yoongi made an appearance on their November comeback live Broadcast. This only not surprised the fans, but also the fellow BTS Members. 

BTS Suga update on live after his Shoulder Surgery for his injured shoulder for their new KPOP comeback album called BE

BTS hosted a comeback live broadcast for their new song “Life Goes On,” which is in their new album “BE.” All the BTS members and ARMY were sad because Suga couldn’t attend. But Yoongi gave a surprise special message to everyone, giving an update on his shoulder problem, and he also greeting everyone. He starts saying, “Even the other members don’t know about this message that I’m recording.” This shocked and surprised fans and even the other BTS members!

How Suga’s Shoulder got Injured?

This happened when Yoongi was working at a Job, before his career at BIG HIT. Suga hurt his shoulder badly during that time. He was in pain till recent times he had shoulder surgery. Yoongi did his surgery in secret, to prevent his pain and injury from being worst.

BTS Suga on live after his Shoulder Surgery for his injured shoulder for their new KPOP comeback album called BE

Jimin about Suga’s Surgery…

The other BTS member Jimin talked about Suga’s shoulder surgery in a recent Youtube live. Jimin informed the ARMY that, Yoongi’s surgery was a success. He added by saying – “It was needed because of the pain that shoulder injury was causing him, and to stop, the further worsening of his condition.” 

We hope Yoon-gi recovers fast and make his comeback!!!

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