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Taehyung aka V (BTS)

Taehyung, as known by his stage name is a member of KPOP sensation boy group BTS under Big Hit Entertainment. Tae is known for his charming personality and his extraordinary singing ability. He is one of the main vocalists of the team. He is one of the BTS member with the most fan following, especially female fans. ARMY girls will die to spend a minute with him. And his love for pets and his passion towards music make more girls go flat on him! 

So here are some facts and info. about BTS Taehyung, that I bet some of ARMY didn’t know!

KPOP group BTS V 2020 comeback photo


Stage name:  V

Real name:  Kim Tae-Hyung

Role: Main Vocals, songwriter.

Birthplace:  Seo District, Daegu, South Korea.

Birthday:  December 30, 1995

Instagram:  @bts.bighitofficial

Fanpage: @tae_4real

Ranked No.1 in TOP 100 most handsome men!

In 2018, Taehyung ranked 1st place in 100 Most Handsome Men of 2018. The list was announced by a page on Instagram called TC Candler. TCC has over a million followers on its Instagram Page. BTS Jungkook and Blackpink Lisa were the other TCC most beautiful face winners.

Daddy Tae [Daddy of dogs, No Double meaning intended (Aah humm)]

Taehyung has four pets in total. He owns three dogs and a cat. Out of which, his brown-colored Pomeranian named Yeontan is the most famous among the ARMY. Yeontan is also the most popular pet in the KPOP industry.

Though Yeontan is both his and ARMY’s favorite, he has two more dogs named – Soonshim and Ssyong-Ssyong. Both Soonshim and Ssyongssyong are dogs with white colored fur.

Taehyung’s Favorite food & Drinks!

  • He likes hot cocoa.
  • He likes to eat Japchae and any type of food with meat in it.
  • He hates coffee.

V’s ideal type😍

Taehyung’s ideal type is someone who is very charming, someone who takes care of him and only loves him. She should make hot chocolate for him and drinks with him. Taehyung’s “The One” also must have a ton of cute aegyo. She also must spend the money Truthfully and carefully. (Our V don’t need no gold digger)

Tae’s ideal Date Location!

Tae loves amusement parts. He would love to go with his date on a roller coaster. But a nearby park or playground is also fine for our boi. If the location is the nearby park, he would love to feed birds and pigeons with his date.

More BTS V Facts!!! (His likes & Dislikes)

  1. His favorite color is grey. 
  2. His favorite number is 10.
  3. His favorite items consist of his computer, big dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything unique.
  4. He loves GUCCI(Not Tzuyu’s pet GUCCI. RIP)
  5. He likes hot cocoa.
  6. He likes to eat Japchae and any type of meat.
  7. He likes amusement parks and rides such as gyro drop, gyro swing, and roller coasters.
  8. He likes reading comics and watching animes.
  9. He likes to talk & spend time with children very much.
  10. His favorite song is Rain from Lee Juck.
  11. He likes classical music and doing a Kkumul Kkumul dance.
  12. His favorite artist is Eric Bannet.
  13. His favorite painter is Vincent van Gogh. His favorite season is fall/Autumn, also likes bright weather.
  14. He does not like wearing shoes.
  15. He hates coffee.
  16. He clenches his teeth while he sleeps, and he sleep-talks.
  17. He gets drunk very quiet fast with just only one glass of beer.
  18. He has a habit of biting his nails.
  19. He touches anything he thinks is cute.
  20. He is scared of ghosts and is afraid of heights. (but not he is afraid of riding the roller coaster)
  21. He has a habit of collecting ties. 
  22. In the dorm, he is in charge of the washing machine.
  23. He was left-handed, but now he is ambidextrous (Usees both his left and right hands).
  24. He is good at dub smash.

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