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This November, during this comeback season, Taemin – who is a member of SHINee is making a comeback with the second part of his album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2″. The first part of the album was released on September 7, with “Criminal” as the lead single, while the second part will be released tomorrow  – November 9th!

Never Gonna Dance Again!

Never Gonna Dance Again” is the third album of Taemin and “Never Gonna Dance again: Act 1″ is the first part of it. It was released on September 7 with nine songs in which  “Criminal” was the lead single.

These nine songs have different charms and proved his name “Ace of Ace“.

Teaser for “IDEA” which is the lead single of the upcoming album – “Never Gonna Dance again: Act 2″

Fans are waiting anxiously for the second and the final part – “Never Gonna Dance again: Act 2″ with great expectations.

The album is released check it out:

 “Idol’s Idol” – Taemin 

Lee Tae-min (Taemin) is a South Korean singer, actor, dancer, and songwriter. He debuted as a member of the group SHINee (2008) at the age of 14; with the song “Replay.” The next year itself, he began his career in acting and in 2014, he became a soloist with his first extended play, “Ace.”

Taemin - Never Gonna Dance again: Act 2 - comeback

He is also a member of SM Entertainment‘s supergroup – SuperM.


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