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Dong Young Bae, the “Korean Prince of R&B” and the “sunshine” of V.I.P, better known by his stage name Taeyang is a member of the KPOP sensation boy group BIGBANGone of the best-selling and most popular KPOP boy groups of all time, under YG Entertainment. He is the main vocalist and the main dancer of the group and is also the shortest among the members. He is known for bringing warmth and light with his emotional songs and energetic performances. VIP loves to see him being serious with that handsome face and cracking jokes in between. They think he is cool.

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BIGBANG is a four-member group (After Seungri announced his retirement from KPOP). As of now, BIGBANG consist of 4 members – G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.Pand Daesung.

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Stage Name: Taeyang 

Birth Name: Dong Young Bae

Birthday: May 18th, 1988

Birthplace: Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer

Instagram: @__youngbae__

Twitter: @Realtaeyang

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Taeyang BIGBANG Childhood and Trainee day Facts!

– Taeyang has an elder brother who is an actor named Dong Hyun-bae.

– He first became interested in pursuing music after listening to Brian McKnight’s songs during 1992-93.

– He enjoyed listening to and playing classical music.

– His Mom gifted him a piano, which is his most prized possession.

– He learned piano from childhood and is skilled in it.

– His favorites were  Beethoven‘s and Franz Schubert‘s.

– He won an audition to appear in Jinusean’s music video “A-yo” when he was in 6th grade.

– After the music video, he joined YG Entertainment as a trainee and trained for 6years.

– He was actually trained for raps but became known for his vocals.

– He liked Michael Jackson, which led him to his chosen style of music – R&B, and Soul.

– He was friends with G-Dragon since 2000 and was planned to debut as a duo – GDYB at first.

– They were also partners in ripping their pants while dancing out during their trainee days (they ripped their pants the most LOL).

– Taeyang really enjoyed scaring other members and, every time TOP pretends to be shocked since it makes Taeyang happy.

More Taeyang BIGBANG Facts!

– His name means Sun. (He once said, “I wanted to make people warm with my music, let it be a light”).

– He is called the soulful singer of BIGBANG.

– He is good at dancing and loves showing off his abbs in concerts.

– He is multi-lingual.

– He has been working in the KPOP industry for over 20years.

– He made his solo debut with the mini-album “Hot” (May 2008). 

– He likes gardening and cooking the most.

– Other than that, he loves lounging around in pajamas. (Every now and then, he has to change his pajamas and does every household works in pajamas, which is different for different works.)

– His most favorite food is Yakiniku (grilled meat dishes or simply barbecue).

– He is devoutly Christian and has faith representing tattoos on his body.

– He has a habit of talking while sleeping.

– He was quite shy and get nervous with girls and only had one girlfriend – Min Hyorin – who is also his first love.

– He married her in February 2018 privately and thus became the only married member of BIGBANG.

BIGBANG Taeyang Military Service!

On 12th March 2018, Taeyang began his two-year mandatory (just a day before BIGBANG Daesung entering military service). He entered the 6th Infantry Division’s boot camp in Cheorwon, Gangwon Province as an active-duty soldier. He, along with Daesung himself, was discharged on 10th November 2019.

Taeyang BIGBANG Achievements!

– He has sold an estimated 10 million records, making him one of the best-selling male South Korean R&B artists.

– He became the first Asian artist to top iTunes charts in North America, with his album “Solar” (2010).

– He earned two Golden Disc Awardsthree Korean Music Awards, which includes Male Musician of the Year by Netizen Vote in 2011, three Melon Music Awards, and four Mnet Asian Music Awards.

– He won the Korean Popular Culture & Art Awards: Minister Commendation for Culture and Tourism (2010) for his contribution to pop culture.

– One of his amazing feet – For his song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” (2014), he won Song of the Year in all major Korean awards, which includes Gaon Chart Music AwardsGolden Disc AwardsMelon Music Awards, and Mnet Asian Music Awards, making him the first R&B solo artist to do so.

– He was voted the third-best KPOP male vocalist by music industry officials (2015).

– He won Melon Music Awards: Hot Trend Award 2015 at Infinite Challenge Festival.

– He was ranked 41st on TC Candler‘s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.

– He was appointed as an honorary ambassador for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang (2018).

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