Things to carry to a KPOP Concert

Top 10 Things to carry when you go to a KPOP Concert!

KPOP concerts are one of the most unique and most visually and auditorily pleasing fan gathering out there. To go and see their idols perform is on the most top of a KPOP fan’s bucket list, let it be the BLINK, ARMY, ONCE, or the OG VIP. KPOP concerts are a mixture of emotions. Fans dance and cheers for their idols, waving their lightsticks in the air, and tears of joy flow through their cheeks, at last ending up in the ever-changing color of the lightstick ocean. A feeling that even this cheesy intro can’t comprehend.

(Goddamn! That was one hell of a cheesy intro… But trust me, to see your favorite idols perform is a wondrous experience that you’ll never forget)

To all the fans who are planning to go to the KPOP concert for the first time or the next, these are our top picks of things you should take with you. We’ve written a blog on “TOP THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE YOU GO TO A KPOP CONCERT” please check it out too.

1. Lightstick

KPOP group BTS, Bigbang, Blackpink, Twice lightsticks.

Arriving at a KPOP concert without a lightstick, are you joking? All of you KPOP fans know lightsticks are the main attraction of KPOP concerts. If you don’t wanna be a part of the ever-changing color of KPOP Lightstick ocean, don’t bring your lightsticks. Don’t blame me or anyone if any fans watch you with disgust in their eyes, or some crazy fan may even beat you up (Very rare, but why take the risk LOL). You should carry one for sure.

If you don’t have one or no money, no problem. Our idols just need love and support. But you may regret it if you won’t carry one. You can always glace your lightstick, and it will remind you of all the good memories of your idols.

2. Comfy Outfit

Most of the time, these KPOP concerts can get hot and sweaty depending on the venue, and also you have to move around and dance too. So you have to be in a very comfy outfit, like a Hoodie, sweatshirt or a T-Shirt. Don’t wear any heels or tight pants or any of that stuff. I recommend any athleisure type of outfit. I would just wear a KPOP hoodie, cotton track pants, or shorts with comfy running shoes. Wearing merchandise is highly recommended.

Merchandise of KPOP groups Blackpink and BTS

3. Water

You have to stay hydrated. You don’t wanna pass out during your favorite song and end up in a hospital as you open your eyes after. Although there are stalls where you can buy water and snacks at the KPOP concert venue. You can carry water in a plastic bottle or an environment-friendly KPOP flask sold by us.  ;p

BTS V Drinking water

4. Power Bank/Battery Pack

You’ll never know before the notification shows up that your phone is about to die. You don’t wanna end up with a dead phone while you are recording your favorite song or a focus fan cam. So take with you a power bank/battery pack with all your KPOP stickers over it.

Cute power bank / battery pack

5. Don’t Bring DSLR Cameras

You don’t wanna end up looking like an ARMY (Not the BTS Fandom lol) with your Canon 1DX Mark iii and a giant 70-200mm zoom lens on it. The security doesn’t allow huge cameras. You may get lucky if you have those point and shoot cameras or even small vlog cameras like G7x Mark iii. But you don’t wanna risk it. And nowadays phones are also good at shooting 4k even, 8k videos. And Samsung (Korean company btw) has 50x and 100x zoom capability, so you can see if your idols have any pimples, zooming right at their face.

Camera vs BTS Iphone

Lil extra: You can carry a selfie stick if you want to get a shot from a high angle or to shoot one of those fan cam videos, which may go viral on YouTube.

(Shameless Plug: Subscribe to our Youtube channel ;p)

6. Toiletries (Tissues/Handkerchief must)

You may or may not have a small emotional moment when your favorite idol perform. That’s why I suggest taking a handkerchief or some tissues. You can say it’s for wiping sweat and face, covering the fact that you are gonna cry and wipe your tears with it, or you can say that you sweat from your eyes a lot. LOL.

Twice KPOP group member Nayeon Crying Gif

Along with that, you can carry Sanitary pads, make-up, water, contact lens solution, if you are a contact lens user like me, and other essentials to the KPOP concert venue.

No Lil extra: Yes, you don’t wanna pack your bag with useless stuff. But I recommend an extra T-Shirt or something. Just pack less, like in a small backpack or a handbag.

7. Custom Made FAN BANNERS

If you wanna be Lil extra and show more of your support towards the idols, you can carry banners and posters custom made by you or bought to the KPOP concert. But I suggest making those signs real tough. By gluing your poster to strong cardboard or something, you can make them take wear and tear. They can be easily torn or destroyed in the crowd. I also suggest making your banners portable and foldable. There are a lot of youtube tutorials on making them.

Pro tip: Make your banners very funny or eye-catching and raise them high when the idols face you. If you are lucky enough, they may notice and even react to your signs!!!

8. Masks?

The world is just getting back to the old normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it is not an option but a compulsory thing to wear masks. And we all can adopt the years old Japanese habit of wearing a mask for both your own and others benefit. (FANS4real can always buy cute masks by as :))

Twice member Sana wearing a Mask

(Wear your Masks covering both your nose and mouth, not like Sana)

9. Money

You may be wondering why it is on this list. But I suggest you carry a little cash cause you may come across a few really awesome KPOP merchandises at the KPOP concert venue shopping outlets. Or the group may even launch a surprise pop-up shop, where they may release a few rare items or maybe a new version of lightstick. So you should be ready to rain that money on the Music Lable of your favorite group.

BTS member Namjoon as known as RM with dollar money in his hands

Note: Always double check that you have the show tickets with you. You may accidentally drop or lose the show ticket. Place it somewhere safe, maybe in the deepest parts of your bag or wallet. If they gave you a wrist band as the Ticket, make sure it doesn’t get teared. DOUBLE CHECK AS ALWAYS!!!

BTS love yourself world tour concert Ticket

10. Love and support

Last but not least, carry a truck full of love and support for your idols. Show your affection towards them by chanting their names, screaming, and dancing to their songs. Most importantly, enjoying that one in a lifetime moment. And return back with memories, which are worth hundreds of times the love and support you gave to your favorite idols.

bllackpink Jennie heart aegyo

Hope y’all readers attend a KPOP Concert of your most favorite group soon (After we get back to the old normal of cause).

Thanks for reading!!!

Stay Healthy Stay Happy Stay Safe!!!

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