The start of the KPOP Lightstick Culture – Crownstick!

KPOP Lightstick culture has made a huge transformation from its beginning till now. In the current KPOP concert and merchandise plot, KPOP Lightsticks are not just an optional part of the merchandise. Now it is a mandatory thing you should own if you have any plans of going to a KPOP concert. Every person at the music concert should own one. They should enter their seat number to the mobile application of the lightstick to take part in the ever-changing color and madness of the “KPOP Lightstick OCEAN.” 

So you curious fans may be thinking that every KPOP group from the beginning had their own lightsticks. But it is not at all true. In fact, this KPOP Lightstick culture is not so old. Wanna know who started it all? Yes, it is YG boys and the OG KPOP sensation BIG-BANG! 

The birth of KPOP lightstick culture – BANG BONG!!!

Bigbang Lighstick Crownstick

YG Entertainment boy group, BIGBANG member G-DRAGON is the one who started this KPOP Lightstick Culture. He designed the first Lightstick in KPOP history in the year 2006. It was called the crown-stick. This was launched to make more money by selling them to the VIPs. It was an instant hit, and the VIPs bought them in hundreds of thousands. Thus leading to the formation of one of the first “Lightstick Oceans.” 

Bigbang Lightstick Ocean Crownstick concert crowd!

It was a beautiful sight for all the KPOP fans. A ginormous gathering of VIPs, everyone holding their yellow-colored “Crown-Stick,” cheering and waving them in the air resulting in the formation of one of the first-ever “Lightstick Oceans” in history. (Goosebumps for the OG VIPs)

(Look at this V.I.P Crownstick ocean! Only one thing to say, “WOW Fantastic Baby!!!”)

Evolution of the KPOP Lightstick culture!

After witnessing the giant, yellow, beautiful BIGBANG “Crown-stick” ocean, and the idea of making these lightsticks and selling them to fans and making loads of Korean Wons from them, every KPOP group started making their own lightsticks. From MAMAMOO to TWICE to BLACKPINK and from BTS to EXO even Stray Kids, everyone started launching their own lightsticks. KPOP Lightstick culture was now coming up with innovative and exciting ideas. Many Amazing new features were added, making lightsticks of each KPOP group unique and attractive.

These are some marvelous features in the latest lightsticks.

  • Custom designs for each KPOP groups
  • Bluetooth.
  • Multi-color LED lights.
  • High quality and durable handles.
  • Hand straps.
  • Has the ability to pair with each other and seat number. Thus forming the breathtaking, ever-changing color of KPOP lightstick extravaganza.

Names of KPOP group’s Lightstics!

  KPOP Group Names Lightstick Name
1 BTS Army Bomb
2 Blackpink Bi-Ping-Pong
3 Twice Candy Bong
4 Mamamoo MOO-MOO Bong
5 BigBang Bang Bong/Crown-Stick
6 Red Velvet Kim Man Bong
7 EXO Pharynx
9 Seventeen  Carat Bong
10 Stray kids Nachim Bong
11 MonstaX Mondoongie


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